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Can Everyone / Anyone Learn To Sing?

This is one of the most common questions I get. So many people who enjoy music and would really like to sing confidently, approach me and laugh, saying things like “I love to sing but no one needs to hear that”! Or “Oh I can’t hold a tune”, or assume they are “Tone Deaf”.

The fact is a very small population are actually tone deaf. It’s like saying you aren’t a mechanic, because you’ve never learned the parts of the car’s engine. How can you possibly fix the car if you don’t know how the parts work? Or just deciding you’ll never be able to swim well, because you’ve never jumped in the water! You have to LEARN to improve your singing voice. And no matter where you are at, it is definitely possible to improve your pitch, tone sound and most importantly your CONFIDENCE!

Training the voice is about training a group of muscles.

Healthy vocal technique relies on correct coordination of the muscles and airflow to create the desired sound.

If there’s too much pulling, pressure, pinching, you can get a strained sound and even damage your voice. Imagine lifting heavy weights without the proper training or positioning. But with TINY muscles!

If you feel you have a weak voice there are ways to strengthen it gently

with simple yet highly effective exercises that can build power and stamina very quickly.

Essentially there are different exercises to achieve any sound, tone, effect or level of power that you wish to achieve with your voice. Like learning to swim, or drive a car, or any other instrument for that matter, it takes some time to understand how it works and learn to control it the way you want.

I have a LOT of clients who are musicians but only play instruments. They often want to develop their voices to be able to enjoy singing with their guitars or join in confidently on backing vocals with their band. If you already have a musical mind you can totally do this very easily and quickly. A lot of it is based around confidence.

This goes especially for new singers with zero experience. If you ENJOY singing and want to use your voice more, the only way to really build confidence and improve is to learn how your instrument works and keep doing what you love! Sing the songs you enjoy with the right techniques and your voice and CONFIDENCE as well as your ear training and pitch control will develop quickly.

If you want to start your vocal journey, check out the online course Singing for Adult Beginners that starts January 19th 2022 on Zoom!

The course runs for 6 weeks and will cover all the foundations to get you started confidently and will arm you with all the tools needed to develop your instrument and your sound.

6-7pm MST $99 Cad

You can learn more on the Rock Your Voice Podcast too!


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