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Free Training Sessions for Members of Rural Communtites

A big thanks for the support of the Desjardins Group for the Good Spark Grant that has helped fund this initiative as well as the in person workshops coming summer and fall 2024. 

Below you will have access to training video and audio sessions that will give you skills in three main pillars of Singing, Performance and Songwriting. 

We will also dig deep into mindset, story telling and building confidence and connection with your voice. 

Check out the unique virtual workshops that will tap into the physical and mental benefits that are present when singing.


Scroll down to access the workshops. 

Singing for Stress Relief

  • Breath work and singing to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Learn techniques to calm the mind and body

  • Connect with the voice as a form of relaxation

  • Guided sound session to relax and rejuvenate

Step Into Your Spotlight

  • Overcome fear of speaking, singing or standing in your spotlight,

  • Learn tools to empower and prepare you for all types of interactions in your day-to-day life.

Sharing Your Stories Through Songs

  • An introduction to song writing to share your stories and honour your history.

  • Tell your story through song.

  • Try your hand at writing your first song or learn tips to improve past work.

Love Your Voice

  • Learn the basic foundations for healthy singing techniques

  • Build your range and power

  • Connect with your genuine sound

  • Build confidence to share your songs


Vocal Fundamentals

  • Introduction to vocal anatomy and physiology.

  • Breathing exercises and techniques.

  • Warm-up routines for vocal health

Your Genuine Sound

  • Developing a unique vocal tone.

  • Understanding resonance and timbre.

  • Exercises for enhancing vocal resonance.

Vocal Range & Control

  • Expanding vocal range.

  • Techniques for vocal control and agility.

  • Exercises for improving vocal strength.

Overcoming Confidence Blocks

  • What is imposter syndrome

  • Overcoming past blocks

  • Confidence mindset

  • Test out a song on stage

Step Into Your Spotlight

Stage Presence

  • Building confidence on stage.

  • Body language and posture.

  • Connecting with the audience.

Microphone Technique

  • Using microphones effectively.

  • Vocal dynamics and control.

  • Recording studio & stage etiquette.

Emotional Expression

  • Conveying emotion through singing.

  • Interpreting lyrics and storytelling.

  • Techniques for emotive performance.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

  • Understand mental blocks

  • Confidence boosting techniques

  • Stepping on stage 

About your host

Colorful Records

Emma Harding   - Vocal Performance & Mindset Coach

Emma Harding is a renowned vocal performance & mindset coach dedicated to helping actors, singers, and speakers discover confidence, consistency, and stamina in their authentic voices. With a holistic approach that balances technical skill and mindset development, Emma empowers her clients to express themselves genuinely and effectively, whether on stage or in public speaking engagements.

Singing For Stress Relief

Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

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Sound & Song

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The voice mind connection

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Relax or Energize

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About your host

Colorful Records

Tiffany Sparrow 

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 11.41.12 AM.png
Tiffany is a music sound therapist, musician, yogi and healer. She helps spiritual leaders and practitioners find their voice, feel at home in their body and connect with their own healing abilities through sacred sound and embodied healing.

She has a degree in music therapy (BMT, MTA) as well as a master degree in ethnomusicology (MA).  Her research is about the health benefits of group chanting. 
Tiffany is also a certified yoga teacher (ERYT 500) and has trained for more than 20 years in asana, mindfulness mantra and energy healing in Canada, India Australia with her dear teachers Yogrishi Vishvketu and Sri Sakthi Amma.and Shakti Durga

Sharing Your Stories Through Songs

Songwriting Structure & Form

  • Introduction to songwriting basics.

  • Understanding song structure (verse, chorus, bridge).

  • Analyzing popular songs.

Melody & Harmony

  • Crafting memorable melodies.

  • Basics of harmony and chord progressions.

  • Harmonizing techniques.

Lyric Writing

  • Techniques for writing compelling lyrics.

  • Rhyme schemes and storytelling.

  • Collaborative lyric writing exercises.

Song Development

  • Developing a song from concept to completion.

  • Individual and group feedback sessions.

  • Revising and polishing songs.

About your host

Colorful Records

Bonnie Baker

Bonnie J. Baker.jpg

Learn from Grammy nominated, Nashville heavy hitter Bonnie Baker.


Baker has songs with artists as diverse as Rachel Platten, Zella Day, Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes, Chely Wright, The Static Shift, Reba, Brantley Gilbert, Sara Evans, Emerson Drive, Tenille Arts, Megan Davies and Raquel Cole. The top five titles from Baker’s catalog have over 150 million spins on Spotify as of January 2023.

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