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WELCOME  and CONGRATULATIONS on taking the next step in your singing journey. 


At this point you are probably starting to gain traction with your music, you are booking more gigs or have goals to record new music, tour or release your first EP or Album.


However, along with the excitement comes a lot of questions.

Perhaps you already have a thorough understanding of what it takes to elevate your career from an artist development standpoint, but you want consistency and accountability as well as a community of like minded musicians to support and encourage you through the journey.


Over the 8 weeks you will connect with more artists like yourself, set a clear plan to strategically reach your goals, start generating more revenue and build your circle of industry connections.

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During the program you will: 

  • Learn to negotiate performance contracts and get paid properly.

  • Build your brand to showcase yourself to your full potential.

  • Establish and grow your online presence and following.

  • Find multiple streams of revenue for your music. 

  • Connect with the right people who can elevate your skills and career.

  • Build on your creative skills such as vocal delivery, performance technique and songwriting.


You’ll get templates for:

  • Pitching for gigs.

  • Co-writing agreements

  • Income & expense trackers

  • Song trackers

  • Branding Strategy

  • Social Media Calendars


As you move forward with your music career, you owe it to yourself to have a good understanding of how the industry works, ranging from simple things such as studio etiquette to complex elements like registering and protecting your songs and producer contracts.


This program will build a solid foundation for your road ahead. You will be able to advance with confidence with the skills and knowledge to develop a strong business mind when it comes to your music. 

Using Rockit's unique "Artist Map" we will work over the 8 weeks to create your musical business plan that will clearly show where you want to get to, and through our weekly sessions you will develop the skills and uncover  the necessary steps to get there.

You’ll be able to jump on exciting opportunities that will enhance your career without procrastination or the fear of making mistakes. 


If you commit to the program you have the potential to recoup the course fee in earnings, before it’s even over.

One of the biggest things I have experienced as a voice and artist development coach, is that once the journey begins to pick up speed, voice training begins to fall by the wayside.


This program will offer a strong balance of industry coaching and creative development with live AND pre recorded voice coaching included in the program. You will be receiving a full 360 approach to advancing your career as an artist.  

As a member of the Rockit VIP program you get accountability , guidance and support every step of the way.

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Band Singer Performing



Rockit Vocal Studios' VIP Program is a unique combination of live virtual voice training,

live virtual interactive masterclasses and pre-recorded practice materials

with downloadable workbooks specifically designed for emerging artists.


You'll be supported every step of the way with clear guidance and training on how to do the exercises and how to practice efficiently and safely on your own.  



Every week you’ll be invited to join the live virtual training sessions. These will be a mix of industry training and voice coaching.  I'll be there to answer your questions in real time, and make sure you are doing things correctly and effectively.


Each month you’ll have access to special live and interactive group masterclasses, which will be a deep dive to a industry related topic as well as your chance to share successes, ask questions and network more with your group.


Throughout the program you’ll also receive pre-recorded voice training classes that you can stream or download every week and follow along with at your own pace (8 lessons in total).



You’ll also get access to the virtual VIP Mastermind group on Facebook where you’ll be able to share progress, ask questions, and network with other members of the Rockit community.  This is where the magic can truly happen as you begin to build connections with likeminded people who want to develop similar skills and find a community to  share your music and experiences with!


As well as the interactive learning, you’ll get workbooks and guides to plan and track your progress on your  journey giving you the support to confidently work on your voice and artistry independently after the program has ended.

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The Training

Weekly 30 minute live virtual training sessions that will cover elements of your business including:

  • Songwriting

  • Marketing

  • Copyrights & Royalties

  • Registering your songs

  • Streaming

  • Releasing new music

  • Co-writes 

  • Connecting with producers

  • Booking shows

  • Preparing to record or tour

  • Pitching for gigs

  • Media Preparation

  • Planning a music video shoot

  • Applying for funding

  • Help with reviewing contracts

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Getting your music on film, TV or video games

  • and much more! 


Replays will be available if you are unable to attend the live weekly training sessions.

There will always be opportunities to share in front of the group and get immediate feedback and tips from your coach. 


The live vocal training sessions will also offer time for Q&A if you have any challenges with specific exercises or songs you are working on.


There is also the opportunity to add on to the program and purchase additional private voice and artist development coaching at a special VIP member rate.

Emerging Artist Schedule, weeks 1-8

(Full schedule available upon registration)

Live Virtual Training

5:30pm-6pm MST Every Tuesday, Starting Sept 5th 2023

Week 1

Artist Check Up.

The start of building your Artist Map.

Where are you now? 

Taking inventory of current status.  Establish what needs to be done.

Song registration, EPKs, Websites, Social Media reviews.


Live Vocal Training. 

Ask all your questions, and create a ready to roll vocal warm up, workout and cool down to use daily throughout the program.

Week 3

Funding & Grants

Funding applications - where to find free money and how to get it

How to get your EP or Tour paid for.

Week 4

Live Vocal Training


Managing voice health during busy or stressful times. 

Q&A for all your voice queries.

Week 5

Social Media Calendar.

Overcome imposter syndrome

 & unapoloegetically share your story and who you are as an artist. 

Learn what content connects with your target listeners and how to create genuine fans with genuine content.

Build your content calendar.

Week 6

Live Vocal Training


Building strength and stamina in your voice

Q&A for all your voice queries.

Week 7

Getting Prepared.

What you need to be prepared for:



Recording Sessions

Includes review of templates and checklists.

Week 8

Live Vocal Training 

A look at your routine and how to master new songs with ease and get the best from your voice. 

20220925_121023 (1).jpg

In just 3 years working with Emma I went from extreme stage fright, to doing something I never thought I would be doing - writing, recording, and performing my own music. The community Emma has built at Rockit is incredibly supportive and collaborative. I cannot say enough about my experience! “

Nicole Byrne


1 hour Live Virtual Monthly Group Masterclass Sessions

12pm-1pm MST on Mondays.

masterclass 1

Monday September 11th

Your Artist Inventory.

A thorough analysis of where you are currently at from a business perspective.

We will set you up to:

Register your business.

Track Expenses, Income, 

Write offs.

Create a thorough Equipment inventory.

Research insurance options.

Review band agreements &

Collaboration contracts.

Register outstanding songs.

Masterclass 2

Monday October 9th

Branding Yourself For Success.

We will thoroughly refine your brand so you can genuinely connect with, and build your target audience. 

Dig deep into who are you as an artist?


Look at who are you trying to connect and share your music with

Explore where you can generate revenue with sponsorship opportunities.

masterclass 3

Monday November 6th

Pitching & Promoting yourself.

Learn how to successfully pitch yourself as an artist and start making money from your music. 

You'll learn how to pitch confidently for:






Session Work

Sync Licensing

Endorsements and more.

masterclass 4

Monday December 4th

The Fine Print.

An overview of what to look for in specific contracts and how to thoroughly cover your "ass-ets"

Dangerous pitfalls to avoid and how to manage yourself professionally and how to make the difficult conversations easy and without confrontation.


 How to confidently know when to jump on it, negotiate,

or walk away without regret. 

Open Q&A 

Your music needs to be heard.
Launch your career with confidence and avoid overwhelm.
Take the next step to elevate your artistry and musical career in a supportive community.


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(All prices are in Canadian dollars.)




16 x Live weekly virtual group trainings 

4 x monthly group masterclasses 

16 x Audio voice training downloads 

3 x downloadable workbooks & Artist Map

Access to the VIP Mastermind Facebook Group.

$1196 Or Payment plan $329/month




8 x 45 Minute Virtual Private Voice Coaching Sessions 

$1836 Or Payment Plan $489/Month




8 x Private Artist Development Sessions

$1836 or Payment Plan $489/month




8 x Private Voice Coaching Sessions

8 x Private Artist Development Sessions 

$2,396 or Payment Plan $629/month


The next program launches Tuesday Sept 5th

Ends Tuesday December 19th

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