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WELCOME  and CONGRATULATIONS on taking the next step in your musical career.

The V.I.P Transformation Days are for singers who are ready for a deep dive into their artistry, business strategy and performance technique. 



Singers who are ready to take the next step in their musical careers. 

Performers ready to move to bigger stages and larger crowds.

Artists who need a deeper understanding and clear map to establish themselves in the industry with confidence.

Established artists with limited time who are preparing for tour, recording, or a specific performance. 


All sessions are created with a focus on maintaining your voice health while developing consistency and sustainability.




Vocal Technique:

Develop a strong and versatile singing style, expanding your current vocal foundation, improve on current skills that make you a unique vocalist.

Artistic Expression:

Discover and hone your unique artistic identity, learn to express emotions authentically through your voice and performance.

Confidence Building:

Build confidence both on and off the stage,  overcome performance anxiety, become compelling performer and smash through imposter syndrome.

Stage Presence:

Develop the ability to engage and connect with your audience, understand stage etiquette, and enhance your overall stage presence and performing experience

Song Interpretation & Delivery:

Understand and interpret lyrics, so you can convey the intended emotions and tell a compelling story through your performances.

Recording Skills:

Provide guidance on studio recording techniques & etiquette, learn to  adapt your skills for various recording environments and ensure you can translate your live performances into studio recordings effectively.

Career Development:

You'll be given tools and strategies for navigating the music industry, including guidance on branding, marketing, booking higher paying gigs and networking to help build a successful career.

Long-term Vocal Health:

1:1 voice training sessions that will look at proper vocal techniques and care to ensure the longevity of your singing careers, preventing potential vocal strain or injuries.

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As you move forward with your music career, you owe it to yourself to have a good understanding of how the industry works, ranging from simple things such as studio etiquette to complex elements like registering and protecting your songs and co-writing contracts.


Your VIP session will build a solid foundation for your road ahead both musically and within the industry.

You will be able to advance with confidence with the skills and knowledge to develop a strong business mind when it comes to your music. 

Using Rockit's unique "Artist Map" we will work to establish where you want to get to,

and uncover  the necessary steps to get there.


In committing to a VIP Elite Training Day, you will leave with the tools & potential to recoup the session fee in earnings through your music, starting immediately.

As a member of the Rockit VIP community, you get accountability , guidance and support every step of the way, even after completing your VIP Day.

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You are passionate about singing and have a strong desire to enhance your vocal abilities.

You are committed to growth & willing to invest time and effort into developing your skills.

Female Performer

You are open to artistic exploration and willing to explore various new approaches to connect to your unique voice and identity as an artist.

You have aspirations to perform live, record music, or pursue a career in the music industry.

Band Singer Performing

You are looking to build confidence in your singing abilities, both in the studio and on stage.

You want to understand the practical aspects of the music industry, such as branding, marketing, and networking.

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The Schedule


This is a sample schedule of what to expect.

YOUR VIP Day can be scheduled to focus on your precise requirements and goals. 

10:00 am - 10:30 am:

Welcome and Intention setting

  • Welcome and introduction to the personalized agenda.

  • Discuss individual goals and expectations for the day.


10:30 am - 11:30 am:

Personalized Vocal Assessment and Coaching

  • In-depth assessment of current vocal strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Personalized coaching and exercises to enhance specific vocal techniques.


11:30am - 11:45am : Refreshment Break

11:45 am - 1:00pm:

Performance Analysis and Coaching at our In-House performance space.

  • Review past performances (if available) and analyze areas for improvement.

  • Tailored coaching on stage presence, storytelling, and engagement.

  • Practical exercises to transform and elevate your performance techniques.

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm:

Private “Business” Lunch

  • Enjoy a private catered lunch with the opportunity for casual discussion.

  • Discuss progress and insights from the morning sessions.

  • Explore your unique career goals and aspirations.


2:00 pm -3:00 pm:

Continue performance coaching.

  • Dedicated time for intensive performance coaching and refinement.

  • Fine-tune stage presence, movement, and interaction with the audience.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm:

Continue Voice & Performance work


Optional Industry Consultation and Career Strategy

  • Discuss practical steps for implementing revenue-generating ideas.

  • Develop a personalized strategy for navigating the music industry.

  • Set achievable short-term and long-term goals based on the day's insights.

  • Recap key takeaways and outline next steps for ongoing growth.

This is a sample schedule, that can be tailored to provide a comprehensive experience

specifically created to meet your needs.

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In just 3 years working with Emma I went from extreme stage fright, to doing something I never thought I would be doing - writing, recording, and performing my own music. The community Emma has built at Rockit is incredibly supportive and collaborative. I cannot say enough about my experience! “

Nicole Byrne

Elevate your skills, achieve your goals.
Transform your vocal abilities & approach your career with confidence.
Take the next step to develop your artistry and musical career with the bonus of becoming part of a supportive, professional community.


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(All prices are in Canadian dollars.)

Ready to apply?

Use this form to see if this option is the right fit for you. 



A full day of personally tailored private training sessions.

Access to our in house professional performance practice space  & sound system.

Catered lunch, snacks and refreshments.

All bonus materials listed.



Book a call with Emma to discuss if a VIP day is right for you and to schedule your ideal date.


Group rates apply.  Please email for more details and to set up your VIP Day.

About Your Coach

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, including coaching, touring & performing,
Emma knows how to get the best from your voice, in a fast & fun way. 

Emma attended the London music school in 1999, and upon graduation, immediately started writing, recording, performing and coaching.


Since then she has traveled the world to train with some of the worlds best coaches and has met and mentored singers across the globe. 

Aside from attending multiple high end voice and performance training programs, Emma has completed CMI's artist manager program, Berklee's Music Business program, and has been a guest coach for their Artist Entrepreneur Program. She has her voice health care certificate and is and advocate for managing and maintaining singers voice and mental health.

She has been an artist in residence, a guest speaker at numerous large scale events, toured with established artists as their resident coach, is a voice coach for Jim Henson co. as well as for multiple platinum selling and award winning artists. 

With a unique ability to bring out the best from any singer in a fast and fun way, you'll get immediate results from any session with Emma.



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