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Terms & Conditions including cancellation policies:


The expectation guidelines below remain in place for the Singer & Songwriters Program / Rockit In Nashville 2025. 

For all other packages purchased directly with Rockit Voal Studios the following also applies. 

In purchasing any of the packages, retreats or road trips with Rockit Vocal studios, you agree to the Terms of Service and Cancellation policy as outlined below:

Deposits are non refundable and the full remaining payment is due one months prior to the start of the virtual event unless otherwise stated.


Full refunds minus the deposit are available until one month before the virtual element of the event starts (unless otherwise stated). You can also transfer your spot to a friend if you wish.


No refunds are available if you cancel your registration after the one month deadline.


In making your deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions of attendance at the retreat or event.


Guest Expectations For Workshops, Retreats & Road Trips:

Guests must abide by all laws set out in the locale of the event and follow all health and safety rules of the venue and behave respectfully towards other guests and retreat hosts.


Alcohol will be available at some of the events and drunk or disorderly behaviour at any time will not be tolerated. In purchasing this package, you agree to the terms of service, cancellation policy and accept the terms on our liability waivers for the event, which must be signed prior to the start of the event. 


These terms also apply to any additional guests covered in the payment of this booking.


Rockit Vocal Studios Inc. and Rockit Road Trips are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred at any of their workshops, events, retreats or trips. Clients are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing at all times, this includes during transportation to and from any of our events.


Guests must behave in accordance to the law. Alcohol consumption on any of our trips is entirely at your own risk. Drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated, and may result in refusal to attend, or refused admission to any of our classes or group events.


If taking part in free activities such as guided tours, lake activities or horseback riding for example, all waivers must be completed upon arrival. 

Guests are responsible for any damage to property or accommodations used for any event. 


If you take part in additional activities during a Rockit Road Trip concert vacation or event, you are responsible for your own wellbeing and belongings outside of and during any group activities organized by Rockit Vocal Studios Inc.

Cancellations & Sickness:

Rockit Road Trips - If a guest coach, band or artist cancels their show for any reason, we will work with the promoter and their refund or reschedule policy to refund or reschedule the tickets to the event if possible.

In the instance where you have purchased a flight or accommodation, please be aware that Rockit Vocal Studios inc. is not responsible for any necessary change or cancellation fees.  Please purchase your own travel insurance at time of registration. 

If one of our guest hosts or coaches is sick or unable to attend a retreat, we will do our best to replace them with a coach of equal experience, depending on the time frame allowed. However, if a coach must cancel due to sickness or an emergency within a very short time frame, you will still receive the same amount of coaching time, from a different coach or coaches. 

Health and travel insurance is required to attend all international retreats, and proof of cover will be required.

Waivers & release forms will be distributed prior to the start of the event. 

Photos and video taken during events, featuring event guests, will be used for promotional purposes and on social media unless otherwise instructed by the guest, prior to the event. 

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