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360° Artist Accelerator

If you are looking for more than voice coaching, or  you are a singer or musician wishing to take your career to the next level, the 360° Artist Accelerator program will meet you where you are currently at so you can develop your career and start seeing results right away. 

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and will be based around the topics that are relevant to you and your career at the current time. 

Similar to having a manager, I'll provide support and  guidance in all areas that are relevant to developing your music with a 360° approach and 100% focus on what YOU want to achieve. 

What's Included

You'll get one on one sessions with Emma, that can be used to work on the strategic side of your development, such as branding, marketing plans, setting up collaborations, funding applications, registering work or setting up recording sessions etc,  or you can choose to spend the time working on the creative side, such as voice lessons, songwriting or performance work.   

The program is a minimum of 4 months to be able to start to see results, and you have the option to continue month to month once you complete the 4 month program. 


Working closely together, we will define what areas you would like to develop, strengthen or understand more clearly.

These could include (but not limited to):

  • Songwriting

  • Marketing

  • Copyrights & Royalties

  • Registering your songs

  • Streaming

  • Releasing new music

  • Co-writes 

  • Connecting with producers

  • Booking shows

  • Preparing to record or tour

  • Pitching for gigs

  • Media Preparation

  • Planning a music video shoot

  • Applying for funding

  • Help with reviewing contracts

  • and much more! 

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$459 per month.

Includes  3 x 45 minute virtual sessions to work either on strategy or creative elements of your career. 

Initial commitment is for 4 months, after that you may continue monthly.

Enrolment: Currently Open Now

To apply, please fill out this form or email for more information. 

If you are ready to start, you can sign up here.

Previous Program Members

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