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Nice To Meet You! 

With over 20 year’s experience in voice coaching and as a singer songwriter, I work with clients of all experience levels and genres, including #1 chart topping Canadian and US artists and voice artists as well as acclaimed actors and character voice performers for film and television, most recently coaching the voices on Jim Henson's 'Fraggle Rock - Back To The Rock'


As well as managing Rockit Vocal Studios for the past 11 years, and hosting and producing a successful podcast, I was selected to bring my musical expertise to the community as the Musical Artist in Residence at the Calgary library, and as the voice coach for CMI’s AE West program. I serves as a coach for television shows, voice actors, and platinum-selling, touring artists, contributing to their success with my expertise, and currently sit on the Board of Directors for Country Music Alberta.

My educational background includes graduating from the London Music School, completing the artist management program at CMI, the Music Business course at Berklee and achieving my voice health certification. I am currently enrolled in the mental health informed practitioner certification, focusing on the effects of the music industry and its practices on artist’s mental health.


In the past I have traveled to Nashville to train with Brett Manning  and worked with Ron Anderson in Los Angeles to further develop my skills. Most recently I have worked on developing more dynamic teaching skills looking more into metal and scream techniques with Melissa Cross, as well as regularly upgrading my vocal and teaching skills with Mindy Pack ( Miley Cyrus / Lil Nas X) and Tamara Beatty, the vocal coach on NBCs The Voice and The Masked Singer.

I am also experienced in vocal production and arrangement for studio and live vocal performance, as well as stage production and performance technique. I have a thoughtful, yet proficient and effective way of getting the best out of my client’s voices whether working on location in studio or prepping for live stage shows.

I am originally from London, England where I grew up surrounded by music primarily, classic rock with close ties to bands such as Deep Purple, The Who and The Spencer Davis Group. My family home was in fact a recording studio where many of these bands and associated artists would frequently be seen recording or visiting.

After taking “regular” singing, piano and guitar lessons, I was enthusiastic to learn more about my  voice so I could apply the techniques to the styles I was more passionate about.  As a teenager, I struggled with trying to find the right teachers that were willing to teach me how to sing, but not be so rigid and theory focused.

Finally at The London Music School I found my voice. The teachers encouraged creativity, exploration of music and the development of so many different skills that some of the more theoretical and overly structured teachers refused to go near.


After graduation I started teaching workshops at the London Music School, and went on to teach in schools, and privately. I also went on to record several albums, as well as provide session vocals for The Rolling Stone’s “Symphonic Stones” and many other collaborations, including a live performance at Abbey Road Studios. I have also performed across the UK with various bands and artists.


I am passionate about sharing my skills with anyone who wants to improve their voice and maintain a healthy instrument while learning how simple it can be to achieve an amazing sound with the right approach.


How do I teach?

My methods are based on vocal technology & mechanics, basically, how things feel in relation to how they sound. It's not about pushing and straining your voice to hit those tricky high notes or forcing out sounds to re-create and imitate the vocal sounds of your favourite singer.  It's about learning how the voice works, learning how to use yours and developing those skills.  You'll be amazed how easy it is!


Why is RVS different?

I work directly with you to establish  goals, and the styles you wish to develop.   I work closely with students to develop plans that achieve your specific goals, saving you time and money by avoiding lessons filled with information you are not interested in, or following a curriculum that has absolutely no relevance!

What to expect?

Firstly, don't be nervous! Your first session will be a new experience and I want that to be fun and memorable in a positive way! Every session is based roughly 50% on warm up and technique development and 50% on song practice. Expect to try new things, make some different sounds, and learn how amazing your voice truly is! This is the foundation for most lessons. Lessons also work on elements such as performance and mic technique, stage presence, building your vocal persona and assistance with career development. More specialized courses and workshops on all of these topics also take place throughout the year, so please be sure to sign up with us for updates on all of this!

Strategic Branding or Mentor Sessions:

Some of my clients have been singing for years. You may have a really solid foundation of vocal training but need some guidance, encouragement and mentorship moving forward with your career and vocal goals. This can apply to singers of all ages. 

In Studio and On Tour Vocal Production & Recording Preparation:

I am experienced in vocal arranging and assisting with preparation for recording sessions and touring. One of my biggest passions and joys from my work is working with clients in the recording studio offering guidance and on the spot coaching. Whether this is your first demo or you are a label looking for a coach to work with a specific artist I have experience with all levels, ages and all recording studio settings. 

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your current situation and to have a conversation about how I can help you with strategically planning the advancement of your singing career, whether it be planning recording sessions, connecting with industry professionals or branding for your band. 

email me directly,

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your vocal goals!

Call 403 479 7605 or email to book a session. 


Emma Harding, Owner & Vocal Coach - Rockit Vocal Studios.

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Check out the Rock Your Voice Podcast to learn more about me and get free voice coaching tips, industry guidance and special guest interviews.

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