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30 Day Vocal Challenge


Rock Your Voice  with the 30 Day Vocal Challenge!

30 Days of Results driven voice training sessions, with over 5.5 hours of downloadable audio training to get you rocking your voice!

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Get 30 days of consistent coaching PLUS A very special MINDSET MASTERMIND to set your vocal goals, overcome stage fright and learn the skills to sing with power & confidence!

Whether you are a complete beginner or need a refresher to kick your voice in gear for the new year, this course will take you to the next level with 30 days of quick and effective coaching sessions that will provide you with skills that will keep your voice healthy and strong for the rest of your life!

With this challenge, you'll eliminate any fear of singing, learn quickly to hold a tune with confidence, and understand how your voice works so that you can control it to overcome breaks and cracks and begin to truly ENJOY YOUR VOICE!

Go from beginner to confident singer in 30 days or brush off the cobwebs and reconnect with the voice you know is in there and that you deserve to enjoy!


$9.99 cad / Month


Stream a new vocal warm up and workout every week with the Weekly Vocal Workout Subscription through Spotify. 

The most affordable way to train your voice consistently with a streamable or doanloadable MP3 packed new exercises, techniques and skills. 


Are you looking to improve your singing voice with regular training, on a manageable schedule AND at an affordable price?! 
only $9.99 cad per month  for over 2 hours of training per month!

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The perfect course to start your vocal journey and see results FAST! 


Great for beginners who want to learn the foundations and prepare to start more formal training. Learn at your own pace online. 

$45 includes video training, downloadable MP3s PLUS 

instructional handouts. 

For many people, it's hard to find the time to schedule 1 on 1 sessions, or find time to fit in a group class in person. You still want to learn and you want to learn at your own pace! That's why I've created a series of online courses and practice guides for you to maintain your progress or start to "Sing Now"! 

Whether you want to spend an entire afternoon dedicated to your vocal progress or just half an hour a week, these courses can be completed at your own pace. Once you own the course you can review the material whenever you like, and will continue to be available to you even once you complete the course. 

If learning to sing is a new experience for you, welcome and congratulations on taking this first step! You have come to the right place to develop your skills and learn so much about your "instrument" I'm excited to help you start your journey! 

Perhaps you have been learning with me in person for a while but would like some practice or warm up work to do independently of your lessons....again, you are in the right place! 




Master Your Voice

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level but want to do it at your own pace in your own space?

This comprehensive course for singers with a basic foundation of vocal technique will take your voice and your singer mindset to the next level with over 22 informative, results driven downloadable sessions.
Perfect followup to the "Sing Now
" program, this will provide you with all you need to strengthen your voice, develop your range and confidence and add to your toolkit of vocal warm ups, power exercises, scales that will keep your voice healthy and improving daily. 

Feel and hear results immediately, while elevating your voice, style an
d sound from the moment you start the course.  

$99 cad


Beginner To Singer in 7 Days. 

Go from a complete beginner to a confident singer in 7 days! (or less if you want to cram!)


This program covers all the fundamentals and basics that you need to know to be able to understand how your voice works, confidently control your voice and be able to manage pops and cracks while also working your high and low notes in a healthy and consistent way.


We also look at breath work, placement and power.


Loaded with follow along, downloadable audio practice tracks, you'll be able to use your voice in new and confident ways while also hitting higher notes and having fun along the way!


$29.99 cad 

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