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Learn at your own pace at an affordable rate


The weekly vocal work out  is a subscription that offers regular and affordable coaching that you can do at your own pace, in your own space, and you can repeat each class as often as you want.

Each week a new episode is available, with different vocal techniques, new stylistic approaches for singing different genres and guidance for  maintaining optimal voice health. 

If you are looking for a regular way to check in and work your voice, build your range, power, strength and stamina, this is for you! 

You can access the Weekly Vocal Workout HERE.

If you are looking to start your singing journey or you are a singer who wants to learn new skills and techniques or brush up on your current knowledge...


With the weekly vocal workout  you’ll get access to a new downloadable training session every week that is full of techniques that will develop your strength and stamina as well as your range and flexibility but most importantly your CONFIDENCE! You can download the MP3s and practice anywhere at any time that is convenient to you, meaning you’ll get results fast!


So as your skills develop so will the tools and techniques as you’ll never get stuck in a rut of repetition and boredom, not knowing if you are even doing the exercises correctly!



My goal is for you to be singing in the healthiest way while also getting results QUICKLY!


 SO The unique thing about the weekly vocal workout is that you will have direct access to me through the members page and you can ask any questions and make sure you are doing the exercises safely and correctly. I’ll give you feedback and make sure your voice health is a priority, and in turn will get you the results you want from your singing technique.  


You’ll be able to share your accomplishments and achievements there with the supportive and fun community too!


So if you are looking for affordable weekly voice coaching that you can do in your own space at your own pace…you’ve come to the right place….. !


Subscribe for less than $45 cad a month and get new downloadable voice training sessions every week.


Check out the Rock Your Voice Podcast for FREE resources as well. 

Check out the free trial session here! 

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