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RVS Artist Development Course

Today the 'Do It Yourself' way of music business can lead to exciting opportunities to plan and launch your career, allowing you to form partnerships and choose your own road to success. 

But why go it entirely alone?  


It can be difficult AND overwhelming to figure out all of the necessary elements that are part of a successful career in the music industry.  That is why I have created a program that will guide you step by step through the entire process of not only delivering the creative side of what you do, but confidently managing your business as an informed entrepreneur in the music industry. 


Start showcasing and promoting your work confidently, knowing you understand industry from all angles and can represent yourself as a fully developed artist. 

When you complete this 6 month course you will have a thorough understanding of how to manage your music and confidently launch or develop your career in the industry, while also networking with other program members and industry professionals plus  you'll receive coaching and mentorship in areas of your artistic and creative practices every week too.  

This course is only available to a small number of participants each round to allow for individual time and attention to each artist.

The next session will start June 2022, and will be completed by November 30th. 


The course will cover the following topics: 

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Business Development

  • Building a business plan

  • Business structures

  • Setting up your musical business

  • Entertainment Law vs Regular Lawyers

  • Rights & Royalties

  • Copyrights

  • Co-writing & Splits

  • Publishing Agreements

  • Negotiation

  • Grants & Fundin

  • Labels & How they work

  • Streaming

  • Management Agreements 

  • Performance Contracts

  • Tour Contracts

  • Managing your money


Marketing & Brand Development

  • Set up branding shoots & videos

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Brand Development

  • Building a press kit

  • Building a website

  • Growing social media & fan followings

  • Advertising Online

  • Pitching your music

  • Preparing for a release

  • Promoting a show / tour

  • Building your bio

  • EPK's & One Pagers

  • Interview Preparation

  • Media training

  • Radio Tracking

  • Pitching for & getting gigs

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Creative Development

  • 1 on 1 Voice Coaching sessions

  • Performance Coaching

  • Studio Preparation

  • Pre- Recording Vocal Prep & Pre Production

  • Psychology of Performance

  • Managing performance related  anxiety / stress

  • Coordinating session musicians 

  • Creating Demos

  • Pitching for open mics / songwriting sessions

  • Pre gig prep lists & organization

  • Pre show vocal & performance preparation

  • Songwriting

  • Composition

Music Equipment

A full 360 Approach To Your Success
RVS has some incredible connections in our network who we can connect you with if you would like help in the following areas: 


We have a large community of photographers & videographers who can help you build your branding and marketing materials.

If you want to dig deeper into social media and digital marketing we also have a large network of close non spammy professionals who can genuinely help you! 


Musicians are three times more likely to experience anxiety or depression than the general public.

We have a team of qualified music therapists, psychologists, and performance anxiety coaches to help keep you with any questions you may have along the way. 


 If you feel healthy, you'll feel confident. 

Whether it's on stage or in the studio. Emma is a registered voice health first aider and has a background in voice health.  RVS also has a network of body positive health professionals & nutritionists who are available to you if you want help keeping your voice and body healthy and strong for you to rock your music and stay well on tour!


Your cousin may know real estate law, but he will not be able to represent you in the music world.

Entertainment law is a different beast, and we work with the best of the best when it comes to this subject. So whether its a co-writing agreement or if your career is taking off, we can connect you with the right people to make sure your music is protected. 


Once you are approved to join the program, we will start right away by setting up your personalized 6 month schedule, based around mutual availability for one on one meetings and coaching.


The coaching is a mix of virtual and in person sessions, with most being online, but specific dates will be set for a percentage of the voice coaching to be in person as well as in person performance training sessions which be a combination of 1-on-1 and group coaching with other artist development coaching members. This is also a great networking opportunity. 

The course is tailored specifically to your needs with the ability to focus on the areas you require most help with, balancing out with creative hands on training so you can continue to develop your artistic practice as well as the business.


$675cad per month.


$4,050cad for the full 6 months of full time creative & business coaching & development.


Please ask me about this! 

To register or for more information please email


Why I offer Artist Development: 

After coaching singers for over 20 years, I have reached a point where I want to see clients succeed in advancing in the industry without blindly going it alone, so my role has adapted over the years as vocal coach and mentor to a more formal role with Artist Development.


I want to help guide passionate and dedicated musicians like you, in the right directions and help you successfully build a career and business without wasting time and money.  With Rockit's  Artist Development services you will free up more time  to continue creating and working as a musician, while I help you set up and manage your business.  My passion is to give confidence to artists wanting to level up in the industry, whether that's launching your career, releasing a new single, or assisting with managing further from  where you are currently at. 

There are a lot of sharks and small print in this industry! Beware! No one can be a master of ALL the areas you need to cover to succeed and protect your intellectual property as a songwriter and musician.  This is why it is imperative to build your team in an informed and coordinated way. This is what I call the "Do It OURSELVES" approach! 


I don't claim to be a lawyer or specialist in all legal aspects, or a tour manager, or radio promoter etc ..... but I CAN and WILL connect you with the right people, whether you are looking for entertainment lawyers, songwriting collaborations, professional recording studios, funding for your next tour or the right producers for your sound.... the list goes on. Let's connect and see how I can help you take your music to the next level. 


Why work with me?

Over 25 years of music industry experience including my own personal experience as a songwriter, recording artist and performer. 

(Songwriting, Recording, Producing, Touring, Merch Design and Sales, Promotion, Marketing & Managing a Band.)

10+ years experience in broadcast media working in radio with positions ranging from On Air Radio Host, Music Scheduling, and Promotions Director for stations including Jack FM, AMP Radio and XL 103.

Experience in working with record labels and artist promoters. 

Experience in planning and promoting large scale live events.

Experience with in studio vocal production, tour prep and guided recording sessions for internationally established industry professionals. 

Completed online Music Business coaching with Berklee College of Music and Canada's Music Incubator Artist Manager course.

Graduated from London Music School & Completed training in Performing Arts at Esher College.

Please see my music bio for more detail on my personal experience within the industry. 

Email me to start your journey or ask any questions

about your music career and to start your personal

Artist Development coaching! 

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