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Rock Your Retreat

with a Rockit Workshop or guest coaching experience!  

“Music is not a universal language… music lets us connect without language.”

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Enhance Your Retreat or Special Event with guest coaching from Rockit Vocal Studios.

The main focus of music always has been to bring people together and bond social groups.


Not only is singing scientifically proven to boost mood, reduce blood pressure and stimulate the brain in a positive way, it is one of the fastest ways to connect a group as an icebreaker.


The thought of singing amongst strangers may initially cause feelings of discomfort, however that, in itself, unites a group before the first note has even been sung.


Rockit workshops are the perfect way to offer a memorable activity and create a unique bond with all attendees of your retreat or special event.


Whether it’s empowering your event guests to add more stage presence to their lives, building community with vocal harmony or rhythmic collaborations, offering a Rockit workshop will unite and connect your group, while helping every member develop more confidence, overcome blocks in communication, share their voice, and begin to own their space in the spotlight.


The focus on every RVS group event is to have fun and connect with the joy of music and singing. Every participant will experience personal development, increased confidence and a strengthened sense of community amongst the other group members.

With over 20 years in coaching artists and performers, Rockit Vocal Studio’s founder and voice coach, Emma Harding has many years of experience and is passionate about facilitating as a guest coach for memorable and life changing events and retreats.


Click here for previous event testimonials.


We can also help you create and plan your own unique transformational workshop, 1 day event or overnight retreat.  Our team also has access to highly qualified music therapists and trauma specialists who are able to use music and mindfulness to help clients navigate the effects of stress and trauma including assistance in recovery from PTSD, chronic pain and anxiety or depression.  These sessions are valuable for high stress industries and unique workplaces that deal with subjects that can leave employees who would benefit from a more therapeutic approach to the work with music and breath.


Contact us to learn about how you can offer your group an engaging and inspiring event that they will remember for a lifetime.

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Empower and inspire your team
with a results driven workshop or keynote. 

RVS Corporate Rockstar events create confident speakers, leaders and sales specialists by using the same skills that entertainment professionals use to create award winning performances.

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Corporate Events

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