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Create Corporate Rockstars
RVS Workshops & Keynotes.

Unique speaking events, workshops & retreats that will turn your team into ROI Rockstars.

Empower and inspire your team
with a results driven workshop or keynote. 

RVS Corporate Rockstar events create confident speakers, leaders and sales specialists by using the same skills that entertainment professionals use to create award winning performances.


Whether it’s working on a fun upbeat song to energize and connect the group through music and voice,  focusing on breath work to calm and focus, or developing confidence to effectively use the voice to confidently address a room, make a pitch or close a sale, Rockit Vocal Studios offers individually tailored events and speaking engagements that are results driven and goal oriented.


Your group will have a ton of fun while engaging in sessions where every attendee will develop the following skills


  • Confidence in addressing a large group

  • Effective and engaging public speaking skills

  • The ability to share a story, pitch or song with a large or intimate audience

  • Confidence to speak up and participate actively within a group

  • Confidence to lead with a genuine voice

  • Develop effective networking skills

  • Improved listening skills and awareness within a team


By engaging simple, yet highly effective techniques used in the performance industry, these events will elevate your team members speeches, pitches and promotions, putting your business at the top of the charts.


Every event is tailored to engage and inspire your group, coaching them in new techniques that will boost team morale and elevate confidence, increase performance and deliver stronger results for your business.


Your team members will be able to deliver information with an effective approach that will excite and engage your clients.


Whether you are looking for increased sales, stronger client relations and retention, or just to boost morale, RVS Corporate Rockstar events will empower each individual and strengthen your team and you’ll be able to see results, before the session has even ended.


Every workshop and speaking engagement will be specially tailored for your companies desired outcome.


Through the understanding of the psychology behind stage fright, combined with the techniques used by professionals to overcome performance gaps and elevate audience connection, you and your team will develop strength and confidence in:



PLUS guests will experience:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Focus

  • Ability to feel more grounded

  • Improved teamwork and trust

  • Self-manage stress to work healthily under pressure


With a focus on building confidence, trust and teamwork, these events will bring ROI immediately with a stronger, more confident and empowered team of Corporate Rockstars.


Create a more productive, successful, and effective team no matter what industry you are in.  Contact us today to discuss your goals and how we can plan the next event for your business. 

Contact the studio to discuss your requirements. 

Hosting A Workshop Or Retreat?

I'm happy to be your special guest or help to facilitate a voice based experience
for you and your guests!
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