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Welcome To RVS

Emma Harding is a High level Voice and Artist Development Coach offering one on one training and group experiences for performers who are elevating their skills and careers. 

A highly sought-after voice professional with over 20 years of coaching experience, Emma’s number one passion is seeing her clients reach their goals and shine with confidence.

Whether that’s on tour, in-studio, or on stage, professionals have been trusting Emma with their voices at the moments that matter most.


If you are just launching your career or just starting to explore your vocal skills, the foundation of the RVS method is based on developing your confidence and building a strong understanding of yourself as an artist.


With a method that helps clients truly understand how to strengthen and control their voice while developing their genuine sound, Emma can help you achieve results quickly and effectively with a relaxed approach and a focus on fun.


If you understand your instrument, your voice will do exactly what you ask of it. Whether you are developing range, strength, stamina or just want to see if you can sing a song with ease not anxiety, you’ve come to the right place.





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