Follow Your Dreams. Literally.

Where did your vocal journey begin? What did you hear that made you want to sing out loud for the first time? As a kid I grew up with my older sister listening to the Rocky Horror Picture show soundtrack, and much to my mother’s dismay, I learned the words to it all, before I could properly speak. But after that I switched to more pretentious musical styles…. My home was a recording studio, my dad was more the rock n roll type so that was everywhere, but somehow Les Miserables snuck onto my radar. It was Lea Salonga’s voice as Eponine that just hit me. Now I don’t know if I was just an over dramatic kid, but I LOVED it instantly. I wasn’t a fan of things like Cats, Oliver! The Sound Of Music

Never Compromise

Why compromise can be a great learning tool but a soul destroying experience! Stay true to who you are and follow your goals with commitment

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