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Follow Your Dreams. Literally.

Where did your vocal journey begin?

What did you hear that made you want to sing out loud for the first time?

As a kid I grew up with my older sister listening to the Rocky Horror Picture show soundtrack, and much to my mother’s dismay, I learned the words to it all, before I could properly speak. But after that I switched to more pretentious musical styles….

My home was a recording studio, my dad was more the rock n roll type so that was everywhere, but somehow Les Miserables snuck onto my radar. It was Lea Salonga’s voice as Eponine that just hit me.

Now I don’t know if I was just an over dramatic kid, but I LOVED it instantly. I wasn’t a fan of things like Cats, Oliver! The Sound Of Music and the cheesy musical stuff….I mean come on, cat’s don’t have “memories” but unrequited love, now that’s a real thing…..and at 8 I was obsessed with all that drama!

To the point that I had recurring dreams about actually being in the musical, whizzing around on that amazing revolving stage. That’s what prompted this quick post as I had another one last night, and it was awesome!

I loved how the music made me feel, both in dream land and reality! I loved how I could copy what some of the voices were doing and it was an incredible outlet to be able to release all of that. It taught me a lot about the musical theatre style, and how to sing that way. And I get so much joy when students can do the same. It's an indescribable feeling....(that was an unintentional #WholeNewWorld reference sorry....) It's a connection between you, music and emotion that just flows and it is, to me, what singing is all about.

I truly regret never auditioning for it when I lived in London. I never truly believed I was good enough, which leads me to my second point of this blog…. Never lose the connection to what started you on your journey. And always believe you are good enough to follow through with whatever direction it is pointing you in! If there’s an audition for something you want, work hard, prepare, and do it.

And I’m here to help you do that. Don’t live in recurring dream land, go get it done!

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