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5 Mistakes Singers Make- Mistake 5: Relying Entirely On The Internet

My goal as a voice coach is to make sure that everyone who enjoys singing, has a healthy technique, a confident mindset and the understanding of how to get the best from your instrument.

There are so many amazing learning opportunities online, but sometimes it's really important to make sure you are singing correctly and in a healthy way that will get the most from your instrument.

Whether you want to learn regularly for fun, or just want one check in to make sure you are doing things safely and correctly, I am here for you!

If you are wanting to try a free beginners class, check out this link to register for the Beginner Singer FREE live online class that will take place Weds August 23rd at 2pm-3pm MST.

Get real time training and feedback from me as I walk you through a vocal warm up, work out and cool down and we chat about the foundations of good vocal technique.

If you are looking for more, or are a more experienced singer, check out the Weekly Vocal Workout and subscribe for weekly training for less that $10cad per month and get a new voice training download every week!

You can also check out more of my live group coaching programs for beginners to emerging artists HERE.

Listen to the latest podcast that digs deeper into this topic and learn why I'm passionate about helping you discover what your voice can do in a safe and healthy way! It doesn't have to mean a long term commitment. In many cases I can help you resolve issues or develop a strong practice routine in just one session.

Hiring a voice coach can offer numerous benefits if you're looking to improve your vocal skills for any purpose, whether it's for public speaking, singing, acting, or even just enhancing your everyday communication. Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider hiring a voice coach:

  1. Skill Development: A voice coach is trained to identify your strengths and weaknesses and design a personalized training plan to help you develop a more resonant, clear, and expressive voice. They can provide you with specific exercises and techniques to enhance your vocal range, tone, pitch control, and projection.

  2. Confidence Boost: Working with a voice coach can boost your confidence in your speaking or singing abilities. As you see improvement over time, you'll feel more comfortable using your voice in various settings, whether it's presenting to a large audience, performing on stage, or even just conversing in social situations.

  3. Effective Communication: Clear communication is crucial in both professional and personal settings. A voice coach can help you improve your articulation, pronunciation, and overall communication style, making sure your message is delivered effectively and understood by others.

  4. Public Speaking: If you're looking to become a more effective public speaker, a voice coach can help you with techniques to modulate your voice, control nerves, and engage your audience. You'll learn how to maintain a steady pace, emphasize key points, and use pauses effectively.

  5. Singing Improvement: For those interested in singing, a voice coach can provide guidance on breathing techniques, vocal control, and pitch accuracy. They can help you expand your vocal range, work on dynamics, and develop your own unique singing style.

  6. Correcting Bad Habits: Over time, people can develop vocal habits that might be limiting their potential. A voice coach can identify these habits and provide guidance on how to correct them, preventing potential vocal strain or damage.

  7. Personalized Feedback: Voice coaches provide personalized feedback tailored to your specific needs and goals. This targeted approach ensures that you're working on areas that will have the most impact on your progress.

  8. Professional Goals: If your career involves using your voice extensively, such as broadcasting, acting, or singing professionally, a voice coach can be an invaluable asset. They can help you maintain the health of your voice, prevent vocal fatigue, and ensure your performances are consistently top-notch.

  9. Stress Reduction: Learning to use your voice effectively can reduce stress associated with communication challenges. As you become more confident in your vocal abilities, you'll naturally feel more at ease in a variety of situations.

  10. Long-Term Investment: The skills you develop with a voice coach are long-lasting. Once you've learned proper vocal techniques and communication skills, you'll continue to benefit from them throughout your life.

Remember that working with a voice coach requires dedication and practice. It's important to find a coach who understands your goals and can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve them. Whether you're looking to enhance your speaking, singing, or communication skills, a voice coach can make a significant positive impact on your journey.

Follow me on instagram for more tips or reach out to share about your vocal journey!


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