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How To Rock A Mic - Microphone Technique For Singers & Public Speakers

In the latest episode of the Rock Your Voice Podcast, we look at proper mic technique for a gig or speaking at a public event.

There are a few very basic things that you can take into your own hands immediately that will give you confidence on stage, help you make friends with the sound crew and get your audience on side immediately!

Follow these tips for a successful show or speech that sounds great!

Have fun!

Tips for Proper Microphone Technique on Stage:

  • Distance and Angle: Keep the microphone about 6-12 inches from your mouth, and slightly off-center to avoid plosive sounds (like "p" and "b" sounds).

  • Consistent Position: Maintain a consistent distance and angle to ensure a steady sound level.

  • Hold Steadily: If using a handheld mic, hold it firmly but not too tightly to avoid handling noise.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Movements: Refrain from moving the microphone unnecessarily, as this can create distracting noises.

  • Projection: Speak clearly and project your voice, but don’t shout. Let the microphone do the amplification.

  • Modulation: Use vocal dynamics to add interest, but be mindful of staying within the microphone’s optimal range.

  • Monitor Placement: Ensure monitors are placed correctly and avoid pointing the microphone at them to prevent feedback.

  • Volume Control: Work with the sound engineer to set appropriate levels and avoid sudden volume changes.

  • Eye Contact: Engage with the audience by making eye contact rather than looking at the microphone.

  • Body Language: Use expressive body language to complement your speech, but be mindful of the microphone’s position.

  • Sound Check: Always perform a sound check before your performance to adjust settings and get comfortable with the microphone.

  • Practice: Rehearse with the microphone to get used to its feel and response, and to ensure you’re comfortable with your delivery.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your voice is heard clearly and effectively, enhancing your stage presence and overall performance.


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