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Who is in YOUR Music Community?

I recall roughly 2 years ago going with a group of Rockit students to the open mic at the Ironwood in Calgary. Along with being thoroughly entertained and impressed by the talent on the stage, many were intimidated and slightly surprised to see the caliber of talent that is out there.

Some of the feedback I heard included statements like:

"I'm not good enough for that yet."

"I don't think I can do that"

"These people are way more experienced than me."

Fast forward to today, and many of those students have since performed on that very stage. Plus most of them are also generating revenue performing in the city regularly.

But what gave them the confidence to go from a nervous audience member at an open mic, to a confident performer?


These singers met at virtual and in person group events and courses I ran back in 2020-21.

Since then they've gone to open mics, karaoke nights, jam sessions together. Some are regularly generating revenue from performing covers and original songs, and have released singles.

They have been able to lean on each other for support, encouragement and to trade skills, insights and tips they've picked up along the way.

The pivotal transition is having a community to attend events with, to experience and share similar doubts and successes with. To learn and grow alongside singers just like YOURSELF.

If you are an experienced singer, or feel you have a good foundation with your voice, but you worry you may have reached a plateau, and perhaps just taking regular solo lessons isn't cutting it, it's time to build your musical community.

Starting September 6th, the Experienced Singer VIP course will give you exactly that!

It's an online group coaching program, taught in real time with other singers who are just like you and are ready to build community and reach new levels in their singing journey.

You'll be encouraged to connect, collaborate, support and encourage each other. There will be masterclasses on co-writing, performance anxiety management, and how to confidently rock an open mic, jam or karaoke night.

You'll train your voice weekly and work on every other element necessary to elevate your success as a singer.

Most importantly, you'll leave the program with YOUR new musical community ready to support you on your journey, long after the course is completed.

Class starts Sept 6th. I can't wait to see you there, and watch the new community grow!

Get all the details, full schedule and sign up info HERE.


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