Singing in Spanish! Welcome Antares!

A big welcome to our 3rd student, Antares! Antares is originally from Mexico and sings a variety of styles ranging from rock, to pop to RnB and even some epic Disney anthems! The fun part about working with Antares, is she sings these songs in both English and Spanish. It’s fascinating to me to hear that although the melody is the same, the change in the shapes and sounds of the words, when you switch languages, makes the vocal approach entirely different. This is actually a really helpful lesson for Antares, as it clearly demonstrates that by changing the shape of a sound, you may find it easier or more difficult to sing a certain note. If you listen closely to many singers, you’ll notice

Range, Resonance and Jay!

Well, the 8 week vocal adventure is well under way, and it’s time to meet student #2! Jason is 37, and has been singing for quite some time. He has been performing in bands and has experience recording in the studio. Jason has a lot of experience as a vocalist, however, Jason is in a position very similar to a lot of my clients, because although he has a lot of experience, he has no formal training. Jason is going to be an awesome challenge, as he has already taught himself lots of tricks, and can pull off a great rock vocal. In today’s session we discussed building his chest voice and vocal stamina so that his larynx, vocal cords and throat aren’t carrying the constant weight of those high

Who is Aaron and what is vocal range?!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to Aaron, the first of the 3 students in the 8 week vocal challenge. With all 3 students, and along this journey one thing we are going to look at a lot is vocal range. Almost every student I work with, has the goal to either find out what their range is, or to extend it. But what does that mean, look like or sound like? Your range is basically how far your voice can go. Low or high. Like many singers your first experience of vocal training may have been in a choir or in classical training. You may have been told which box you fit neatly into. Some students come to me saying, “I’ll never sing that high note, I’m an alto”. It makes me crazy and a little dishe

The 8 Week Vocal Adventure Starts Today!

Greetings! It’s an exciting day today at RVS, as we are starting the 8 week vocal challenge. We have chosen 3 brave and wonderful people who are willing to share their vocal journeys. You’ll be able to witness as they learn new techniques, challenge their vocal skills and confidence thresholds all while sharing with you online! This is going to be a great opportunity, not only for them to record their progress but also for those of you following along, as you’ll be able to observe the exercises they are learning, along with explanations as to why we chose certain exercises, and how they apply to the techniques or songs we are developing. You’ll also be able to support our students and cheer

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