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Singing in Spanish! Welcome Antares!

A big welcome to our 3rd student, Antares!

Antares is originally from Mexico and sings a variety of styles ranging from rock, to pop to RnB and even some epic Disney anthems! The fun part about working with Antares, is she sings these songs in both English and Spanish.

It’s fascinating to me to hear that although the melody is the same, the change in the shapes and sounds of the words, when you switch languages, makes the vocal approach entirely different.

This is actually a really helpful lesson for Antares, as it clearly demonstrates that by changing the shape of a sound, you may find it easier or more difficult to sing a certain note. If you listen closely to many singers, you’ll notice their words may not be pronounced properly. Think Justin timberlake…”it’s Gonna Be May!” or when people sing bae bae instead of Baby (Baybeee) the “eh” shape is so much easier for some to sing than a pure E. Also it’s a less precise sound for commercial music. So when Antares works on songs and switches languages, we have to look at the shapes and tweak things to make it work to the best potential.

Antares is also a nanny, trained psychologist, and an actress! Her vocal goals are to really work on getting all the moving parts involved with singing live, to start coordinating and running smoothly.

For example, when performing you have to consider not just holding notes and singing well, but your breathing, (which is sometimes even more challenging when combined with stage fright) performance delivery, audience interaction, mic technique or being able to project well enough without amplification. Throw in all the other vocal elements, such as support, placement, pitch, power etc and you’ve got a lot going on! Our goal is to make this all second nature and easy for Antares, and also help her to strengthen and develop her range, correct any pitch issues and help her with keeping her timing strong.

Here’s where her voice is currently at:

Light notes, hit very gently with a lip roll: C#6

Chest voice staying connected: B5

Mix Voice: E5

Lowest note: Eb3

Check our instagram page for some video clips of Antares singing in Spanish! As always send a note or a comment with any questions or email us today to book a session!

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