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Top 5 Mistakes Singers Make - Part 3: Ignoring Your Genuine Voice

The third tip can be a tough one to take on board as often we don't realize we are even doing this.

Here's a metaphor for you... When you take an amazing photo and share on instagram and it needs no filter, one of the main things people like to point out is that there is NO FILTER! #nofilter

This also applies to your voice.

It's really common for less confident singers to add a filter to their singing voice. This is something that we can subconsciously feel is necessary to make our natural voice sound better. It's a very vulnerable position to be in when sharing your natural and genuine voice.

We fear judgement and worry that people wont like the sound so we add the filter.

Now filters can also be thought of as stylistic choices. When they are used intentionally, they are great. They are fun to play with and create the tones sounds and styles you want as a vocalist. However, you need to be able to connect with your genuine voice before adding filters as you'll tire your voice and use more effort than necessary.

Once you have a solid foundation, feel free to add filters that can help you sing the genres you love such as Metal, country, rock, pop or classical. But don't add things until you are ready and confident with your genuine sound.

Good luck exploring your genuine voice and making sure you are letting what is special about your voice shine through!

Be sure to check out the new programs this fall that will dig deep into connecting with your genuine voice, including Beginner Singer Group Course and the Vocal Check In & Tune Up!

To learn more, check out the podcast episode all about this topic.


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