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The 8 Week Vocal Adventure Starts Today!


It’s an exciting day today at RVS, as we are starting the 8 week vocal challenge. We have chosen 3 brave and wonderful people who are willing to share their vocal journeys. You’ll be able to witness as they learn new techniques, challenge their vocal skills and confidence thresholds all while sharing with you online!

This is going to be a great opportunity, not only for them to record their progress but also for those of you following along, as you’ll be able to observe the exercises they are learning, along with explanations as to why we chose certain exercises, and how they apply to the techniques or songs we are developing. You’ll also be able to support our students and cheer them on along the way too!

We will also be sharing feedback and video clips as they practice independently on their new exercises and techniques, so that we can see what was useful, what was confusing, and what may have even been outright pointless to them! Along with that we will see what worked wonders and has helped to transform their voices along the journey. It will also be good to get feedback on what was confusing or they may have gone off track slightly without their coach with them.

Everyone’s voice is different, so it’s fascinating to me as a coach to see what people find useful and what others find useless, also what is confusing and what is just clutter. I want to cut to it and find what works, and what gets these great singers quickly and safely to their goals, while giving them a solid foundation of how the voice works, giving them the tools to use their voices to full potential after the 8 weeks. This is going to be a fun journey to see what works for them, and also possibly for you!

Here’s a little about our students. We have Aaron, hes relatively new to vocal coaching, and excited to start his journey and strengthen his range and power. Antares, is originally from Mexico, so English, is her second language, which means we also get to hear lots of great songs in Spanish! She has been singing and acting for a while, but has large goals to develop her voice and sound, as well as work on protecting and strengthening her voice for long stretches of work and long hours of performing live. Jay is a rock vocalist with lots of live performing experience. Like many singers who have a natural gift, he hasn’t taken much training, and wants to be able to sustain power and build strength and stamina. We will be picking a few goal songs for each student. You’ll get to see their full profiles and hear their first attempts soon, along with the practice schedules we set out to help them improve.

Updates will be posted frequently on our facebook and Instagram pages. Follow along, feel free to comment. ( Positive,constructive support and genuine feedback only please!)

We will be introducing our students at the end of the week and cant wait to share their journeys with you!

If you have any vocal questions or would like to set up a session with me, send an email or call the studio today!

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