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Are You A Beginner Singer?

One of the highlights of my job is helping adults who are just starting their vocal journey. Even more so, those who are terrified to sing in front of anyone. One of my favorite things is seeing the transformation of a terrified singer.

Do you want to reconnect to your voice, break through barriers and false truths you were told as a child and bring back the joy of singing that you’ve been holding yourself back from?

I hear things on a daily basis, that not only get me really fired up but also quite sad. I hate to hear that grown adults are holding onto words they were told as children and have not allowed themselves to enjoy singing since.

The phrases “you can’t sing”, “you sound bad” “be quiet”, “do something different” are very common, and we carry that sh!t. I’m passionate abou

t helping adult beginner singers realize something very simple that can eliminate these blocks in one very easy and enjoyable session:

Your voice is comprised of muscles and can be trained. Singing is a learned skill, and not a natural gift. You can train your voice to sound how you want it to.

Perhaps you have these blocks, and you are terrified to take the first step in your singing journey as an adult?

Maybe you are a beginner singer who has more confidence, but you are lacking the tools to get you fast results to elevate you to the next phase of your singing journey.

I work with beginner adults because I believe everyone who wants to, can develop their voice and enjoy singing with confidence and for fun.

Check out my blog on Nature vs Nurture to hear my thoughts on whether you are born with natural talent or not, and if you are terrified to start your vocal journey, please use this link to schedule a quick call, and stay tuned for the new program launching this fall created especially for YOU!


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