Group Lessons for Adults and Families.

Online Group Courses:

Online group courses are ongoing, and will consist of a combination of weekly real time online classroom sessions, real time video coaching, weekly Q&A sessions and interaction in the private members area and facebook page. 

Beginner classes are a great refresher or starting point for anyone wanting to learn the basics that will help you maintain vocal health, improve your range, tone, pitch and confidence.  The next round of beginner group lessons will be in January. Follow us on Instagram @rockitvocalstudios and facebook for our free beginners intro pop up class that will be launching again soon! 




Did you know, that singing is scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and release endorphins?

This new weekly session will allow you to learn valuable breathing and vocalization techniques that will allow you to tap into your voice with the main goal of relieving stress and anxiety while building confidence in your voice. You'll learn techniques you can apply to your daily routine that will help maintain balance, focus, energy and a positive mental state as well as revitalize and energize when you are feeling overwhelmed or run down. 

Join us this January for a revamped edition of the singing for stress relief program,

open to families and individuals. 


I’m especially excited for this run of classes as I’ll be joined by Tiffany Sparrow, a singer-songwriter and recording artist who is also a registered counselling therapist (RCT), music therapist (MTA) and yoga teacher (ERYT 500). She uses music and mindfulness techniques which are proven to help people navigate the effects of stress and trauma and to recover from eating disorders, addictions, chronic pain and anxiety or depression. 







Teaming up with Tiffany provides more opportunities for you to truly experience the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of music, voice and breathing.  In a safely contained environment you’ll experience an enjoyable, relaxing and fun musical experience, using techniques that are scientifically proven to improve your psychological and physical wellbeing.


We also know that scheduling family life can be especially hectic, so we have opened this virtual class up to families as well as individuals. Kids are welcome to join and follow along with you, for a unique bonding experience that will introduce them to mindfulness, connection with their breath and voice while also getting them relaxed and ready for bedtime!


The class will give you a complete set of stress reduction tools helping you step into the new year feeling grounded, focussed and in control, all while having fun, meeting new people and enjoying music along the way.


The class starts January 20th from 6:30-7:30pm, and runs for 8 weeks on Zoom.


The cost for the 8 week course is $199 per person.

(Includes the cost of any additional family members using the same zoom room)


Please reach out if you would like to learn about our equity pricing options.

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Singing For Adult Beginners Starts January 19th at 6pm!


Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Do you want to know how to hold a simple tune with confidence? 

Did you know everyone can learn to sing! The voice is made up of muscles, and they can be trained, strengthened and controlled! With some ear training and confidence, you'll surprise yourself how quickly you can start to really use your voice the way you want! 

 In this 6 week online course, you'll learn the foundations of healthy singing, including:

  • Breath Control

  • Ear Training

  • Building Power

  • Singing in Time

  • Singing in Tune

  • Singing with Confidence

  • Singing in different styles

  • Finding your genuine sound

  • & MORE! 

Great for anyone who wants to not only sing, but uses their voice regularly for speaking, coaching, acting etc. 

Learn the tools to healthily strengthen your voice and sing the songs you enjoy. Start to love your voice and sing with control and confidence. 

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Join Emma online every week for your live

online 30 minute vocal workout. 

In each session, we run a full vocal warm up followed by a technique based training session, covering exercises that will help you build strength and stamina while developing your range in a healthy sustainable way.

The class runs every Thursday on Zoom. If you miss a session you will have access to the replays, which you can also keep to work with throughout the week as often as you like. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on any exercises and if necessary, get help perfecting the way you are doing the exercises too. 

Monthly fee of $19 per person +GST UNTIL DEC 31st. 


(summer schedule currently noon on Thursdays until Sept.) 

Lock in the price of $19 per month before Dec 31st,

Price will be increasing to $29 

No contract or commitment, cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

(recommended for adult singers or youth with previous experience).


Ongoing Course! Join Any Time!   

About our in person and online group classes:

For over 10 years, Rockit Vocal Studios has been hosting fun encouraging in person  group classes for adults  wishing to improve their vocal technique, develop range, increase power and confidence, hone in on harmony all while having lots of fun with like minded people! In person group classes are limited to 8-10 people Maximum, allowing for  personalized attention to detail, lessons tailored based on the groups personally chosen songs, and opportunities to work on solos, microphone technique, performance skills and confidence building in a small encouraging setting. With the online platform, students are encouraged to share their work in video format in our members group on facebook, allowing for more individualized attention and one on one feedback from your coach, as well as the opportunity to share what you are working on with the group. 


Follow our Facebook Page  or instagram page for updates on new courses and events


All online group courses take place via zoom and facebook. Links will be sent to you as soon as you reserve your space in class.  In person group courses will resume as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! 

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