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Are You Warming Up Or Working Out Your Voice?

Did you know there is a huge difference between warming up and working out your voice?

I frequently compare it to a physical workout. Your voice is made up of an intricate system of muscles and ligaments that all interact and are impacted by each other. If one part of your body is tense, such as shoulder muscles, or even as far as hip flexors this can have an impact on how your voice performs.

Because the muscles in the voice are so intricate and small, it is even more important to take great care with them when warming up or working them.

I like to look at the two practices differently so that you can truly get the most benefit from your singing practice.


If you are repeating an exercise incorrectly this can cause more harm than good. If you have questions on exercises, I recommend checking out the monthly vocal workout online with me every Wednesday! You’ll be guided through a series of exercises to warm up, train and strengthen your voice in real time with me. So you’ll be able to ask questions and confirm if you are doing things correctly as we go!

So why warm up? Well it’s just like stretching or warming up before a full body workout. If you consider this as if you were about to go for a run or work out at a gym, you know that if you warm up before, you’ll get way more flexibility, your muscles will have more oxygen in them, and will be prepared to work harder, plus you greatly reduce the risk of injury such as a torn muscle or cramps.

So warming up before singing prepares your voice for a great session of vocal work. It also helps to protect you from strain and damage.

But a warm up must be exactly that….A WARM UP! You must refrain from tiring your voice before you even start singing!

That is why my vocal practice includes gentle warm up exercises, followed by more technically focused voice work that will build strength, stamina, increase vocal range and eliminate cracks and pops while smoothing the vocal break.

I usually plan a 30 to 45 minute vocal warm up and work out, that will cover everything I need to prepare for a heavier singing session but also will work the muscles in a way that builds great technique and strength. Think of it as a full body workout!

You have to plan ahead also considering your singing goals. Do you want your voice to be refreshed and warm ready to rock a stage? Or are you looking to really dig into technique knowing you can rest your voice after? Be careful to never work your voice too hard, and learn your limitations, knowing that with a proper warm up and vocal work out program that your limitations will change, just like at the gym, where you will be able to lift heavier weights after a short time of healthy training, your voice will be able to do so much more with a consistent and healthy coaching program.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to jump in and join our weekly live coaching program for only $19 a month!

I invite you to check out the Rock Your Voice Podcast for more vocal warm ups and singing workouts to train your voice and reach your vocal goals!

As always feel free to contact me directly, or follow RVS on Instagram and stay up to date with everything thats going on at the studio!


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