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Be Your Own Idol

Heads up! I’m feeling spicy today!

I really want to get this point across. Everyone who comes to my voice studio has a voice. They have their signature sound, they have genuine emotion they want to express, they have a desire to enjoy singing and, in many cases, they also hope for listeners to also enjoy when they sing.

They have inspirations and sounds and songs they like. Some will say, “I’d like to sound like…” and finish their sentence with…”but that will never happen”, before we even start the first singing lesson. Its rare, but it makes me so friggin happy when a student will say “I want to find my sound …. My genuine voice”. Because that is where the magic lies.

Now here’s where the caffeine is kicking in..

I’ve noticed something lately, as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a singer, we are being constantly bombarded by messaging from outside ourselves saying do it my way and get success, follow me and reach your goals, sound like this for the record deal, look like this for commercial success.

Back to my students…. Every one of them has a voice worth hearing. Whether its singing, speaking, acting, or in conversation and yes, it may need some fine tuning, strengthening and training to get it where they want it to be. This is reality. But please, don’t just follow blindly into something because you are being told it is the way to go, or the right way to do it or the quick way to success or the route that will make you most popular or a celebrity once took that training.

Follow what feels right to YOU to your voice, to your message, your values.

It has reached the point where (and this is where my spiciness is going to get me in trouble), women are waiting for other women to “challenge them” to share something good about themselves and support each other. (OK I know that challenge went totally off the rails of the original cause and message, please

if you haven’t yet, but that is not my point here….). What I did take away from this though, is that we are telling ourselves we need to be nominated to have value, and that is bullshit. Someone else telling you your voice matters makes me mad.

You have to trust, know and own your voice to have value and that is all. And you won’t get there until you follow your own values and become your own Idol.

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