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Happy New Year!

New years eve is always an interesting time for me,as well as many, I’m sure. Lots to reflect on, and even more to dream, plan and feel optimistic about.

2016 gave and took away! I had phenomenal opportunities to learn with amazing coaches such as Ron Anderson and Ingrid Schnell in LA, and I have embarked on a fantastic journey with Tamara Beatty, who has already proven to be inspirational in so many ways, but has also taught me so much about not only my voice, but my attitude and opinions of myself as a coach and performer.

Another amazing experience was working with Charles and Cate, from Silver & Soul Photography on a photo shoot while down in LA. So much fun, especially getting kicked out of Rodeo Drive lol. It was also such a pleasure to go back in June for their beautiful wedding too.

This year, I’ve also had the opportunity get back behind the mic and play some gigs, and the best part is that I got to do that with one of my great students, Jay. We have had such a laugh jamming and getting ready to play. I’m very excited to play more with him and others in 2016.

Of course the landmark moment of 2016 for me was the death of my father. I am still shocked at how one day we were laughing on the phone planning his visit to Calgary, and two days later he was gone. But “Gone” is the wrong word. Not a day passes when I don’t feel him with me. I recognize his traits in me, from his dark sarcastic humor, right down to my curly hair. But most importantly I have his legacy of music and the fact that he showed me so much of music, the industry, the instruments, the people. I got to experience as a child and teen, what a studio is like, what musicians are like, how great music sounds, the creative processes of writing, recording and performing, what touring can be like, the ups, the downs and how to deal with the averages in between. I recorded my first songs with him playing piano, I created my first album with him, he really introduced me to everything music. I will never forget that, and am forever grateful.

Last night I did some writing, and also song writing, using his old guitar, which I love with all my heart. Playing the same strings he played makes me feel he is still playing with me. It was magical.

Looking forward, the new studio in Mayland Heights is open now, and I love the space. Its creative and exciting. I am so excited to see what my student’s and I can create in there, and I cant wait to help students reach new levels in this space.

2016 is going to be an exciting time for Rockit Kids too! The staff in Calgary continue to inspire me, and make me want to be a good manager, and the kids always keep me on my toes. I’m excited to return as vocal coach at Midnapore, and work with the kids even more. This year will see the opening of a new international location! Rockit Kids Perth will open in February, and this is an incredible adventure I am thrilled to start with my sister, Chloe King.

I hope you all have fun and exciting goals and dreams to work on and grow with in 2016, and that you can take any of the bad from 2015, turn it around and learn and use it for the better in the year ahead.

Here’s a really old one from the vaults. I think I was maybe 17. My dad played & recorded the backing for me. The vocals are really rough, and quality is not so great, as it’s taken from a cassette I found in the basement! But I love that I have us both together on tape. If there is anything I can recommend you do for 2016, make memories with people important to you. Enjoy every day.

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, and I hope to see you or your kids at a Rockit Studio soon!

All the best, and Happy New Year!

Emma x

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