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Emotional Start to The Day!

Why Christina Aguilera made me cry!

"Look at me, you may think you'll see,

who I really am, but you'll never know me..."

Ok so Christina Aguilera's new rendition of Reflection from Disney's Mulan was released today and I'm in love with it.

I was always a huge fan of the original version and I'm a big fan of Christina too. I was actually at the night of the Stripped Tour at Wembly in London that was used for her live DVD, and it was incredible. She is such a fabulous performer.

But why does this song really hit me....maybe because its not even 8am yet, and I haven't had enough coffee, but also maybe because she is saying what I think so many of us who grew up along with her music are feeling. And she feels it too. She shared on her instagram,

"I am at a place of new beginnings in my life and set out to embrace the woman I have become."

Listening when it first came out in the lat 90's we were surrounded by "girl power" at the time as a 19 year old girl messages from music such as The Spice Girls was fun and outlandish, colourful and brash, Christina had her moments of standing out as a woman in many different roles and personas too (Stripped, Back To Basics, Liberation..) .

However, hearing this version of Reflection today, Im thinking.....holy #$%* a lot has happened, its not just bubblegum attitude. Listeners from the same generation may agree... We've grown up, we own our voices and beliefs, we are passionate about things dear to us, we've all gone through some massive challenges, traumas and big life events, and we all try so hard to fit in, belong, be accepted and successful to validate ourselves.

"I wont pretend that I’m

someone else for all time…."

So the lyrics aren't just pretty and purposeful, they actually really hit me. Its time to be brave and genuine, its time to own your stuff, it's time to be ok with being exactly who you are right now. Without apology.

"Why must we all conceal

What we think, how we feel?"

Musically the song is so clever. There's actually a psychological trick in music where the instruments go down, and the vocal line goes up. This actually twists your brain and activates you emotionally. Disney uses this ALL The time in their songs!

Listen to the line..."When Will My Reflection show" and "Why is My Reflection" sounds yummy right, gets you in the feels..... now you know why!


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