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How to Train For Successful Singing

Can fun exercises get great results?

There is no such thing as a natural singer. Yes some people do have great “gifts” and are born with a feel for it, but anyone, yes, ANYONE can train their voice and improve their singing technique.

Here is why it is possible for singers at all levels to start or continue to improve their singing technique. Your voice is made up of muscles, and just like any other muscles you want to strengthen or build, they require training.

Vocalists are small muscle athletes. We have to learn very specific techniques to train such intricate muscles. You might want to work with complex scales to build vocal flexibility for use with runs or riffs or to simply relax your voice when singing more intricate melodies. You may choose very simple scales and melodic training to build strength or stamina and gently and consistently add notes to your vocal range.

There may be certain breathing exercises that you need to include in your vocal workouts to help you build lung capacity and increase your breath control. This can also help you to manipulate your vocal tones and the sounds you produce so that you can create exactly what you are hoping for in your vocal performance and delivery.

Practice makes PERMANENT! So make sure you are practicing correctly!

Also, practice doesn’t have to be dull and repetitive either! You can find so many different ways to focus on your specific vocal goals to make sure that your singing practice and singing warmups are fun, enjoyable motivational and sustainable. You’ll quit right away if you choose training that is boring!

In working the muscles and training the voice you will reach your vocal goals which may include some of the following:

  • More Vocal Power

  • Greater Vocal Range

  • Better Breath Control

  • Eliminate Vocal Cracks When Singing

  • Reduce Muscle Tension

  • Be able to sing for longer

  • Eliminate any strain when singing

  • Hit higher notes with ease

Practice should be consistent, and depending on how results driven you are, you should try to include a short vocal work out every day to get incredible and fast results.

This doesn’t mean 45 minutes of heavily technical and focused practice each day. It may just mean 10 minutes or so working through your favourite exercises and preparing your voice for some fun singing practice.

Remember that warming up will help you to achieve more from your singing. Don’t neglect a vocal warm up and expect a great vocal session. Even if it’s a short and simple vocal warm up, you’ll feel the difference when you start to sing.

If you are looking for new exercises to incorporate into your vocal routine or different vocal workouts to help you reach your goals, check out the weekly vocal workout program offered online every week with Emma! For $19 a month you can join a live online class where you’ll be guided through a vocal warm up and work out and will start to feel and hear noticeable results immediately!


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