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Are You Feeling Too Scared To Sing?

Are You Too Scared To Sing?

8 years ago a new client cancelled her first lesson.

The following week she did it again.

And Again.

I wanted to just tell her to stop booking and flaking on me but for some reason I didn’t.

Finally she showed up.

She was SO NERVOUS she was physically shaking and white as a ghost!

…. Now some of the most common things I hear after someone’s first lesson, are phrases like that was actually really fun” “you made me feel so comfortable”, “I don’t know why I waited so long to do this”, “I was so nervous to take this lesson.”

Luckily the new student I was telling you about settled in but her voice sounded as scared as her mind was. It didn’t take long to assess a few blocks and start to create a plan that began to build her sound and confidence.

Fast forward and a LOT has changed for her!

A few years later, she sang for my husband and I at our wedding and had the guests all in a complete mess! It was beautiful! The following year she completed Rockit’s Write Record Release program and released her first single.

Tomorrow night she’s performing live, as she does regularly now, and is doing what she is made to do….share her beautiful voice and the songs that are inside her, (she’s written a bunch!)

Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone who comes through the studio believes they can do that, (that client certainly didn’t!) and you don’t have to come to your first voice lesson planning to release a single in the following years, or showcase your original songs, but, if you have that calling, if there is something in you that says it could be fun to just try singing for an hour, maybe you’d enjoy some time working on your voice, taking some time for self care, doing what you love, DO IT! I promise it will be fun!!

There’s ZERO judgement in my studio. I’m there to guide you and help you train your voice (see other post – can anyone sing. YES YOU CAN by the way). I’m there to encourage you and quiet your brain and any negative voices of the past that said you couldn’t or you can’t sing.

Some of us are followed by negative comments or thoughts that hold us back. My passion is eliminating those and helping you find the confidence to finally TRUST YOUR VOICE. You’ll learn right away how to manage pops, cracks, pitchiness and be able to get to work immediately on strengthening your sound and showing your brain WHAT YOUR VOICE CAN TRULY DO!

Looking back again at my ‘flakey’ student, (and I say that with love! because it was her negative brain friend that made her cancel, not her voice or her true self). If she hadn’t showed up for herself, it would have been such a sad move because she has genuinely impacted so many people with her songs, her voice and her passion for music. From what I hear her say these days, ALLOWING HERSELF TO ENJOY HER VOICE and enjoy creating music has truly changed things for her as well.

Don’t keep your gift locked up.

If only for yourself. Be Brave!

My free intro to singing class takes place ONLINE Weds Jan 4th at 6:30 pm!

Register here to start your journey! (No need to sing in front of anyone if you don’t want to!)

You will receive a 100% confidence boost in this session!

Complete Beginner to Confident Singer workshop runs Sat Jan 21st in Calgary 1-5pm.

$99 per person.

Have fun with a great group of likeminded (and possibly very nervous) beginner singers! Build the foundation for a strong healthy voice and start your new year with a plan that will get you singing with strength and confidence! (Be prepared for a lot of fun and laughs too - singing doesn't have to be serious or scary! Let's bring the joy back to what you know you'd love to do!)


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