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Travel & Training. Why seeking out new coaches is always beneficial.

With Ron Anderson In LA

I'm often looked at in disbelief when I tell people I travel to study with different coaches. It's hard for people to understand that although there are some very competitive elements to the industry, the majority of vocal coaches understand that you are looking for the best coaching and guidance for your craft, and encourage you to seek out as much professional advice as possible. Everyone will have something different to offer. Maybe its just one simple exercise or a different approach to a certain way of singing, but it's always fun to learn from new coaches that are well known and respected in the industry.

Do your research! You don't want to land in a random town, hit up kijiji and see who shows up. Do your research, and make sure you always find someone with a solid background and training that you can trust. Most good coaches will have a fairly long wait list, so plan in advance and be prepared to pay a fair amount for a world renowned coach.

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to travel and train with amazing coaches such as Brett Manning, Ron Anderson and Tamara Beatty. It's been such a pleasure, and not only has it helped me to improve my voice, I'm also a better coach because of it. So next time you hit the road, look up an amazing vocal coach and see what you can learn!

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