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The Rockit VIP Program is a new approach to voice training for 3 targeted experience levels:

Beginner singer 

Experienced singer

Emerging artist


The 4 month interactive group program is specifically tailored to help you smash your goals,  transform and improve your vocal skills, advance your musical mindset and overcome blocks you may be experiencing in your confidence or success.

Using a combination of live virtual group sessions, downloadable audio, interactive workbooks,  guided practice schedules and the exclusive VIP mastermind group, you'll have the voice you've always wanted with fast tracked results based training.


The private coaching add on is available if you want to further fast track your training program.

Whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced musician, every level of this program will boost your current skills by providing accountability, support, structure, strategic planning,  with effective and transformational tools.

Every level offers access to the RVS community where you will have the opportunity to join a group of like minded musicians and singers who are all at your level. Build confidence within your new community of creative and encouraging individuals looking to share goals, common challenges and support you on your journey to success.


This encouraging and effective program will keep your training in check, elevate you from any plateaus, overcome overwhelm and eliminate feelings of being stuck or bored with your current training.

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"I was looking so long for a good voice coach and finally found Emma.


Emma has been such a knowledgeable and experienced technical coach as well as an amazing mentor. Her energy and enthusiasm are beyond anything I've ever come across, she never lets you take a break and keeps pushing you until you can't help but improve".



- Florian Lim,

Beginner to Experienced singer.

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As a Rockit VIP member you will get access to

4 Months of transformational live training

that includes the following:

Welcome Training and orientation session

16 x 30-minute live virtual group coaching sessions (4 per month).

16 x pre-recorded downloadable voice training sessions.

4 x 1 hour live group masterclasses with personalized feedback, interactive Q&A sessions, break out groups & special guests.

Interactive training workbooks & templates.

Personalized practice schedules.

Access to the interactive online RVS VIP Mastermind group.

Lifetime access to all course materials.


NO RISK 14 day money back guarantee.


Get discounted access to all of Rockit’s in person retreats and virtual workshops.

Opportunities to perform at Rockit’s events.

Option to add on private voice lessons or artist development coaching sessions

There is also the option to attend the annual RVS retreat, with the next one being held in Nashville, June 2024

For the full detailed program and class schedule select your level below. 

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Emerging Artist.png

 What I really like about Emma is that she will show anyone at any level or age that they can sing, play, perform or share music to the extent that they have dreamed of, if they are willing to put in the work and let her guide them.


I never would have fathomed that I would go from a closet singer who played rhythm guitar in a hobby cover band to a solo regularly performing musician with original released music!


It is no wonder that she has an amazing supportive community associated with her vocal studio.


Like attracts like, and meeting people in the RVS community through Emma's programs and events can be life changing, as it was for me!

Melyssa Lee - Artist Development Client

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In the virtual mastermind group you’ll be able to share your progress, ask questions, discuss career goals, challenges and achievements. You’ll also be able to form collaborations with other singers and musicians.


The Mastermind group supports you in becoming part of a community of likeminded and inspiring musicians all working towards similar goals.

Join from anywhere.

Replays always available for those who miss the sessions or are in other time zones,

with lifetime access to all materials.

The next 4 month training program runs September 5th to December 19th 2023. 

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(All prices are in Canadian dollars.)

Beginner singer & Emerging Artist currently enrolling for January 2024. 

Experienced Singer Enrolling for Sept 2023.



$1196 or 4 instalments of $329



$1,836 or 4 instalments of $489



$1836 or 4 instalments of $489




$2396 or 4 instalments of $629

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