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Rockit Kids Is Back This Spring!

Rockit Kids kicks off this spring at the Evergreen Community Spaces in NW Calgary.


Does Your Child Love to Sing & Dance?

Rockit Kids kicks off this spring at the Evergreen Community Spaces in NW Calgary.

Does your child love to sing and dance?


At Rockit Kids we offer classes for kids aged 5-11 years. 

No experience is necessary and there are never auditions or high pressure performances. No expensive costumes or volunteer hours required.  

The aim of the program is to provide a fun and encouraging space where students of all levels can learn the foundations of singing and dance, while building confidence, learning new skills and making new friends, all while burning off a ton of energy and having FUN learning the songs they know and love.

Each term runs for 8 weeks and finishes with a showcase of the songs and dances they have been working on.  

Class Structure:

Rockit Kids JNR: 4-5 yrs

This is the perfect introduction to the performing arts for your little ones! 

In their 45 minute classes they'll be burning through their energy while singing and dancing to songs they know and love.


The JNRs will learn the foundations of the performing arts while building confidence, communication and coordination skills as they have fun learning with their new friends. 

Division One:  6-8 Yrs

The next step for young performers. 

As your child grows they may show interests in new things so If your child has no experience in the performing arts this space will encourage kids of all ages to have fun trying new things, experiencing performance opportunities and learning about how their voice works and the basics of dance.   There is no pressure to be at a certain level when your child joins Rockit Kids, no matter what age. 

Division Two:  9-11 Yrs

This group is for our older performers who may have some experience or are just starting out in the performing arts. 

They'll learn more intricate routines and detailed vocal techniques including some harmony work.


Every child will be supported if they wish to try solos and challenge themselves as performers.

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All the Details

WHEN: Spring term starts Sunday April 23rd

ROCKIT KIDS JNR: 4-5yrs 12:30-1:15pm

ROCKIT KIDS :6-11yrs 1:30-3:30

WHERE: Evergreen Community Spaces, 1709 8th Ave NE

INVESTMENT:  $175 Jnr.(4yrs-5yrs)

                               $199 6yrs-11yrs

End of Term Recital At the Evergreen Community Spaces

Sunday June 11th

Drop performers off at 12:30 Show Time 1:30

Meet The Team

Emma -7.jpg

Emma Harding
Founder -Rockit Kids

Emma founded Rockit Kids in 2014

 and prior to "the events' in 2020 Rockit Kids had several schools in Calgary as well as in Vancouver and even Perth Australia!

With over 20 years experience in coaching singers of all ages and levels, Emma is excited to bring Rockit Kids back to Calgary so that a new generation of performers can experience the joy of singing and dance in a non competitive, encouraging and fun environment.

Emma will be managing the admin and behind the scenes operations of the school, and will be your contact person regarding any questions, as her knees are now too old to be jumping around singing and dancing  with the kids as much as she used to! 


Arlyss Southin
Manager & Voice Coach

Singer and Songwriter Arlyss Southin has been training her voice with Rockit Vocal Studios for over 8 years. 

Trained in the RVS Method with a focus on voice health and encouraging singers' unique abilities, Arlyss is an encouraging and supportive coach with a strong knowledge of the voice. She is excited to share her skills with Rockit Kids.

Arlyss will also be overseeing the day to day running of the school and will be your onsite and in person contact during term time.


Vanessa Wagner
Dance Coach

Vanessa has a strong background in competitive dance and although she has many skills and techniques to share, her focus is on bringing the fun to class, so all levels and ages can enjoy dance no matter where they are starting at. 

Vanessa has also trained with RVS for many years and is a skilled singer, performer and songwriter. 

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