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Rockit Vocal Studios Is Now Coaching in Sundre! 

With over 20 years of experience in coaching voice to singers of all ages, levels and styles, I am so excited to be offering lessons in Sundre! 

Starting April 19th, I will be offering private and group coaching for adults and  kids 8yrs and above.

My Clients range from platinum selling artists and award winning TV Actors to retired adults who are complete beginners. You Can learn more about me here. 

My passion is helping singers at any level, who want to learn more about their voice, build their confidence, vocal strength and stamina in a healthy sustainable way. 

Private lessons are $40 per half hour for kids & $45 for adults.

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Group Classes for Kids 8-11 Years.

Each week your child will learn new vocal skills and techniques to sing the songs they love

and perform with confidence. 

A non competitive, non auditioned class for kids of all levels. 

All that is required is a desire to learn more about singing. 

With a focus on fun, your child will learn the fundamentals of voice including:

Healthy sustainable singing techniques

How to warm up properly

Range development


Ear training

Performance & microphone technique

Stage presence

and so much more! 

Every child who wants, will have opportunities to sing solos and everyone will learn the importance of working as a team to create a strong performance. 

Class runs from April 19th to May 24th from 5pm-6pm

We meet every Wednesday upstairs in the Sundre Arena Club Room. 

The cost is $75 Per Child & $65 per additional sibling. 

Sing For Fun

Weekly singing class for adults at ALL experience levels.


Every week we will work on a specific genre and vocal technique, allowing you to learn how to sing and perform songs that span across Rock, Pop, Country, Musical Theatre and more.

There may even be some Disney…


All songs are chosen collaboratively in the first session so everyone enjoys a wide variety of music and learns new techniques and songs.


I’ll help every singer in the group build confidence to step into their spotlight and rock a stage, with opportunities, for those who want, to share a song you are working on and develop your solo performance in front of the supportive and encouraging group.


Every session starts with a vocal warm up and time building familiarity with the song we are working on that week.


You’ll get tracks sent to you with  harmony parts for you to practice after the sessions if you want to really dig in!  (No pressure or homework!)


The 6 week course will have you singing at least 3 new songs in harmony with your classmates and confident enough to perform on stage either solo or as a group.


Other topics we will look at is mic technique, stage presence, breath control, building a powerful voice in a healthy way, increasing your range, improving your musical ear and most importantly, having fun with a great group of likeminded encouraging singers of ALL levels!


The next session starts April 26th at 7pm-8pm


The course is $79 per person.

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