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Rockit Voice Over Artists
Looking for a great voice to promote your business or product?


Rockit Vocal studios knows all about the voice. We are pleased to also offer talented voice over artists to our roster of services.

Our voice over artsists have professional industry standard studios, allowing for fast turnaround and revisions of any type of script you need voicing. We also offer in house production, allowing for any sorts of sounds, effects or music you require as the background to your scripts.


We specialize in voicing radio and television commercials, along with instructional videos, and infomercials. With backgrounds in the radio industry, we understand that turnaround is important, as well as the ability to update scripts often and quickly.

Please contact us for a quote on your next project.


Our Voices:

Emma Harding.

British Voice Over Artist

Emma Harding Voice Demo - Emma Harding
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Liz Micklethwaite

Canadian Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Demo - Liz Micklethwaite
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