Online Group Classes for Kids

Rockit Kids Is Back! 



I am so excited to be bringing back Rockit Kids! But in an entirely new platform to allow safe group singing for kids aged 7-11.

Each week your child will join the 30 minute group session on Zoom, where they will learn new techniques that will be applied to the group songs we are learning and will be recorded in an Mp3 format for them to keep and share at the end of term. 

Each child will also be able to chose their own solo song, that they can perform at the end of term online recital. 

Throughout term, there will be opportunities to schedule a one on one session to go over their solo songs and work individually on their voices. 

Classes will help your child to develop confidence, learn the foundations of healthy singing techniques, develop performance techniques and prepare them to move on to other opportunities where singing or performing may be their main focus. 

All the Details:

WHEN: Class starts Thursday Sept 17th @ 6pm-6:30pm for 8 weeks,

2 x 15 minute private sessions scheduled at time of registration. 

WHERE: Online via Zoom, with extra access to the learning area and practice resources.

INVESTMENT: $179 per child

End of Term Online Recital Via Zoom: Thursday November 5th @ 6pm


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