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Corporate Events
& Team Building.

Are you looking for a team building event or retreat that will help to connect your group, boost their confidence and trust between one another while also equipping them with life skills that can help them to manage and reduce stress and anxiety, regain focus and become more effective as team members?

Empower your team members
with a results driven event. 

Whether it’s working on a fun upbeat song to energize and connect the group through music and singing, or focusing on breath work to calm and focus, Rockit Vocal Studios offers special event planning to create personally tailored events that are results driven and goal oriented. Your group will have a ton of fun while engaging in sessions where every attendee will experience the following results:


  • Confidence to achieve goals and participate actively within a group

  • Confidence to lead

  • Improved listening skills and awareness of the team

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Focus

  • Ability to feel more grounded

  • Improved teamwork and trust

  • Self-manage stress to work healthily under pressure


Our team also has access to highly qualified music therapists and trauma specialists who are able to use music and mindfulness to help clients navigate the effects of stress and trauma including assistance in recovery from PTSD, chronic pain and anxiety or depression.  These sessions are valuable for high stress industries and unique workplaces that deal with subjects that can leave employees who would benefit from a more therapeutic approach to the work with music and breath.


All events are personally tailored based on the results you are looking for. Whether it’s a fun afternoon of energizing songs and music, working to sing in harmony, or a deep dive over a longer period at a retreat venue, Contact Emma to discuss your requirements to start building your event and elevate your team.


Events are offered both in person or virtually, I am here to help you reach the goals you have set and get you on track for creating a more productive, successful, and effective team no matter what industry you are in.

Contact me directly to discuss your requirements. 





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