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RVS Voice Care Kits

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If You Care For Your Voice...
You NEED This Kit! 

After over 20 years of coaching voices from complete beginners to platinum selling artists, I have learned that our "instruments" and in some cases our "money making tools" are being neglected! Guitarists change strings, athletes have physiotherapists and coaches that help them maintain peak physical health, but singers rarely take the time to genuinely care for their voices.


When the tour bus needs a service, you take it in! But what if your voice needs some TLC too!!

The RVS Voice Care Kits™ contain all natural products that help to maintain your vocal health and assist in times of stress or overuse. They also contain products that will help with allergies and keep you in the game if you have a cold or sinus issues. 





RVS Voice Care Kits™ are available now and include the following:

Eucalyptus Shower Spritz: Clear airwaves and refresh your respiratory system.

Tea Tree Miracle Mist: A natural antibiotic that protects and repairs your respiratory system.

(I use the miracle mists and shower spritz by spraying into the shower mist for easy inhalation!)

Rehab Straw: For those days that your smaller straws are too much work. Use this for rehab and relaxation. 

Voice Therapy Tea Collection:  A combination of my favourite teas to soothe and restore the voice. 

Manuka Honey Drops:  Instant relief for dry and sore throats with natural antibiotics and all the benefits from the bees! 

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Jojoba Oil: Rub gently onto the soles of the feet or rub a small amount on to the chest. For inhalation, place a few drops into your shower to open the airwaves and provide antibacterial protection for your system. 

Turamint Turmeric Lozenges: Ultra absorbable high potency turmeric to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and oral health while restoring your voice to a healthy state. 

Voice Care Kits will be available for pick up in time for Christmas and ready to mail out for arrival in the new year. 

Purchase your kit or a kit for your favourite singer for $39 plus shipping.

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