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Free Virtual Training Sessions for Members of Rural Communities

The Sound Sessions brings virtual training,  live music, free music workshops, and performance opportunities for adults and youth, to rural communities.


By integrating live music, singing, breath work, and songwriting, the Sound Sessions enhance mental well-being, foster community bonds, and provide tools for stress management and emotional resilience.

Thank you to the Desjardins Group for the Good Spark Grant that has helped fund this initiative. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who allow this project to expand across rural communities throughout Canada.

Training is available starting August 1st 2024.

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Love Your Voice

Learn the fundamentals to a healthy and impactful voice. Learn the tools you need to sing the songs you love with confidence and joy.

Image by Barry Weatherall

Step Into Your Spotlight

A look at performance technique and how to command an audience of any size.  Build confidence in public speaking, singing or in your day to day life.

Singing Bowl

Sound and Songs for Stress Relief

Learn how breath and music have a unique ability to impact your mood, and help you relax or rejuvenate.

Guitarist Writing Song

Songwriting & Storytelling

Learn the skills to start songwriting or further develop your writing abilites. Look at harmony and melody along with creating lyrics that connect and pull in your listener. 

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