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Embark on your musical journey with the 8 week Beginner Singer Virtual Group Course for Adults!


Whether you're an absolute novice or someone looking to refine your vocal skills, our program is designed to cater to all singers who are starting their musical journey. Join a vibrant community of aspiring singers as you explore the fundamentals of vocal technique, breath control, range development, and performance skills. Our virtual group setting provides a supportive and interactive environment, allowing you to connect with fellow participants and receive personalized feedback from expert instructors. Discover the joy of singing, build confidence, and unlock your true vocal potential. Get ready to harmonize, learn, and grow as a singer in a fun and inclusive online space!

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Beginner Singer
8 Week online Course

Start your vocal journey from the comfort of your own home!

8 weeks of virtual training for adults wanting to learn more about what their voice can do!

In 8 weeks you'll learn to confidently and healthily use your voice to sing the songs you love. 

You'll learn to:

Sing in tune

Control your breath

Hit high notes without straining

Sing with a consistent sound

Connect with your genuine voice and how it sounds

Learn what styles suit your voice and range

Build the confidence to sing for fun in front of people! 

Each week we will meet on zoom. I'll take you through a series of voice exercises and explain how and why we are doing them. You'll develop a strong understanding of how your voice  works and how to get the most from your unique instrument.

You'll be able to practice in your own time and sing along while muted. 

There will be a 15 minute Q&A at the end of each session to make sure you are doing everything safely and correctly.

You'll have access to the recordings to practice between sessions or catch up if you miss a class.

Protect your voice and strengthen your sound while having fun with a group of beginner singers just like YOU! 

You will also receive a free copy of the interactive ebook , Beginner to Singer in 7 Days, filled with useful tips, exercises and downloadable audio training sessions.

PLUS join us for a bonus monthly workshop where we will dig into specific topics that will help you develop your artistry and singing skills.  

Investment for the 8 week course: $245 cad

Class runs on Zoom

The beginner singer program starts on Weds Jan 17th 2024 with virtual weekly sessions running 12 noon to 12:30pm MST, and monthly group workshops will be 6-7pm MST on the last Wednesday of every month.

I look forward to singing with you! 

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