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Welcome To Access All Areas. Rockit Vocal Studios newest online course. 

This 3 month interactive course is taught in real time with live online lessons and interactive Q&A group classes. If you are a singer who wants to not only develop your vocal technique but also learn more about the industry and how to grow as an artist, this course is for you.


The Access All Areas course is created for singers of all levels who want to learn about their voice and performance technique while also getting music industry guidance and coaching on local and international levels. 

You will dig deeply into the mechanics of your instrument and thoroughly learn the physiology of the voice, and discover more about how to use your voice by beginning to clearly understand vocal science. We will dig deeply into the psychology of singing and how to create engaging performances, and get an audience hooked in one song. 


We will look closely at the ever changing music industry and work on branding you as a musician and creating the right avenues and approaches for you to begin to work in the industry and explore ways of connecting with industry professionals, gaining exposure through various avenues and not just aimlessly posting on youtube.  Whether it is building your website, launching your music online.

At a time where live shows and in person events are on hold THIS IS THE TIME to get online and share your music. 

The AAA Course will get you set up to perform live online or in person, build your "Brand" and launch your music globally. 

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