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Welcome To Rockit Retreats


Retreats As Unique As Your Voice.



No matter how much experience you have, the format of every retreat helps all singers take their voices, confidence and technical skills to the next level, all within a group of encouraging like-minded people, in inspirational luxury surroundings.


Whether you have never had the courage to sing in public before, or you are working on your next album, every Rockit Retreat offers all singers the opportunity to improve range, improve pitch, develop song writing skills while making friends and breaking through the boundaries that have been holding your voice back ….until now.

Help Me Plan your dream singing retreat! 

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at a Rockit Retreat! 

This is an open invitation to singers of all ages, to join other vocalists at all levels to experience the joy of singing in unique locations worldwide.


Whether you are a seasoned singer songwriter or a shower singer wishing to tune up your act (literally), Rockit Vocal Studios has created welcoming, encouraging and fun retreats for anyone who has a love of music and singing while wanting to take their voice to the next level.


Whether it’s a weekend nestled in the Rocky Mountains, a break on a sunny beach in Mexico, or expanding your song writing skills in Nashville, you’ll gain insight from international coaches that will take your technique further.


Build confidence within an encouraging group of likeminded singers, with opportunities to hone your skills through observing or if comfortable, taking the stage to perform your latest work. You may even surprise yourself by breaking out a solo around the campfire at one of our casual starlit singalongs!


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Find your genuine sound and singing style while developing your voice and artistry 

Singers of all levels are invited to attend this special weekend event where we will dig deep into finding your genuine sound and building your voice to  reflect what comes naturally to you as a singer with control and confidence.


Whether you are a pro or a complete beginner, this unique experience will:


Give you the freedom and guidance to truly dig into your voice and build on what so many singers struggle to find, their genuine sound & style. 

Explore how to become a stand out singer with unique styles only YOUR voice can create. 

Find, embrace and build on what makes YOUR voice unique. 

Understand what creates your unique tones and vocal qualities, and how to use them advantageously. 


Learn how to express yourself through song in a genuine and meaningful way.

Understand the psychology behind your songs so you can tap into the healthiest way to perform with ultimate confidence. 

May 6-8,  2022

Ursa Retreat Centre Cochrane.

There will also be time to:

Jam and collaborate with other musicians

Co-Write and create music

Network with local musicians and build your musical community

1-on-1 Voice coaching

Q&A sessions & individualized feedback

Campfire Karaoke & Jam Sessions

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Corporate Events & Retreats

Boost productivity, team morale and reach your targets while having fun! 

Are you looking for a team building event or retreat that will help to connect your group, boost their confidence and trust between one another while also equipping them with life skills that can help them to manage and reduce stress and anxiety, while regaining focus and becoming more effective as team members?

Events are offered both in person or virtually, I am here to help you reach the goals you have set and get you on track for creating a more productive, successful, and effective team no matter what industry you are in.

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