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Artist Development & Mentorship

Today the 'Do It Yourself' way of music business can lead to exciting opportunities to plan your career, allowing you to form partnerships and choose your own road to success.  But why go it entirely alone?  Let's "Do It Ourselves!". 



I am here to assist you in making educated business & career decisions that will guide you in the complex world of the music industry with personalized Artist Development Services focussed on the following areas:

  • Business Planning                  

  • Budgets                                

  • Funding                           

  • Recording                             

  • Promotion & Marketing

  • Band Agreements

  • Publicity

  • Songwriting & Collaborations

  • Live Music Production

  • Publishing

  • Music Placement & Sync Licensing

  • Label Agreements 

  • Booking & Touring

  • Radio Play & Streaming

  • Branding

  • Merch

  • Education Programs

  • Releasing new music

Rockit Client Jay Quinn Recording Demos in studio

How It Works:


Your time spent with me will be focused on the areas that YOU CHOOSE, or that we prioritize for your goals.  There are no contracts for our initial work together, and time is booked similarly to voice lessons, and billed hourly at $95 per hour.  For the right artists, there are opportunities for the partnership to grow into an artist / manager relationship. 


I am happy to work with dedicated and committed artists no matter what level you are currently at. 

Whether you are working from the ground up or established with years of experience, our initial meetings will start with thoroughly assessing your goals and current status in the landscape of the music business.  We will work closely to establish an actionable plan that will get you to where you want and need to be.


This can range from locking in your brand and artist persona, finding musicians to collaborate with, helping you register your music, create marketing plans and pitches for getting air play, scheduling photo or music video shoots, assistance with contracts and helping you find the right legal advice from professional entertainment lawyers or for more established artists we can dig  much deeper with long term elements to commit to the success of your career. 

Rockit Artist Kyrsten Leigh

Why I offer Artist Development? 

After coaching singers for over 20 years, I have reached a point where I want to see clients succeed in advancing in the industry without blindly going it alone, so my role has adapted over the years as vocal coach and mentor to a more formal role with Artist Development.  


I want to help guide passionate and dedicated musicians like you, in the right directions and help you successfully build a career and business without wasting time and money.  With Rockit's  Artist Development services you will free up more time  to continue creating and working as a musician, while I help you set up and manage your business.  My passion is to give confidence to artists wanting to level up in the industry, whether that's launching your career, releasing a new single, or assisting with managing further from  where you are currently at. 

There are a lot of sharks and small print in this industry! Beware! No one can be a master of ALL the areas you need to cover to succeed and protect your intellectual property as a songwriter and musician.  This is why it is imperative to build your team in an informed and coordinated way. This is what I call the "Do It OURSELVES" approach! 


I don't claim to be a lawyer or specialist in all legal aspects, or a tour manager, or radio promoter etc ..... but I CAN and WILL connect you with the right people, whether you are looking for entertainment lawyers, songwriting collaborations, professional recording studios, funding for your next tour or the right producers for your sound.... the list goes on. Let's connect and see how I can help you take your music to the next level. 







Why work with me?

Over 25 years of music industry experience including my own personal experience as a songwriter, recording artist and performer. 

(Songwriting, Recording, Producing, Touring, Merch Design and Sales, Promotion, Marketing & Managing a Band.)

10+ years experience in broadcast media working in radio with positions ranging from On Air Radio Host, Music Scheduling, and Promotions Director for stations including Jack FM, AMP Radio and XL 103.

Experience in working with record labels and artist promoters. 

Experience in planning and promoting large scale live events.

Experience with in studio vocal production, tour prep and guided recording sessions for internationally established industry professionals. 

Completed online Music Business coaching with Berklee College of Music and currently enrolled with Canadas Music Incubator Artist Manager course.

Graduated from London Music School & Completed training in Performing Arts at Esher College.

Please see my music bio for more detail on my personal experience within the industry. 

Email me to start your journey or ask any questions

about your music career and to start your personal

Artist Development coaching! 


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