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Testimonials from Students at Rockit Vocal Studios.

Whether you are looking for lessons for your child, or developing your voice as an adult, It's sometimes daunting finding the right vocal coach or class. Below you will see what some of our students have to say about learning with Rockit Vocal Studios.


"We truly thank Emma and her staff for their wonderful work with Aliyana. Aliyana's passion to sing was always encouraged and supported by the staff at the Rockit Vocal Studios, and in Rockit Kids which made it easy and almost natural for her to develop. Emma and her staff's patience with Aliyana and the others was remarkable. They provided disciplined singing and dance lessons in a fun and respectable environment. We are so fortunate to have found Rockit Vocal Studios and see the progress that Aliyana has made to help her in her next stage in life. We are looking forward to our private lessons with Emma this spring along with the Rockit Kids spring group program."


"We were lucky enough to stumble upon Emma through Kijiji. My daughter loves to sing: in the shower, in the car, in the mirror. Darci's confidence level has grown dramatically since beginning her lessons with Emma. Her playful, exuberant personality makes it so fun for Darci and not like a "lesson." Often times when I arrive to pick her up I can hear them laughing from the studio. There was no better feeling than hearing/watching my 8 year old perform live at a coffee house in Calgary recently. My friends ask why not find a voice teacher in Cochrane; I say the one we have in Calgary is well worth the drive."


"Emma has been a wonderful introduction to a new hobby! She has been very helpful at helping me develop my voice in a fun (and judgement free) environment.

She has been wonderful helping me explore different musical styles while interjecting technical advice, in a very supportive way. I'm so glad Emma helped me make the leap to give singing a try! "




"Emma has a special gift of figuring out exactly how to get individual information/teaching to a student. She effortlessly got our son Chase out of his shell, not only to sing, but to really enjoy it."


"I find Rockit Kids to be a great place for my daughter to go and grow her love and talent for singing and dancing! I love it's casual and positive atmosphere. The instructors are passionate and give a great energy to their students!"

"Emma is a great teacher and has helped me to correct things and improve on my ability while also allowing my own sound to come through. She makes lessons fun and challenges me in a supportive way to continue to grow and improve. I have noticed my range and confidence improve while working with Emma. If you wanna rock it.... Then you must Rockit with Emma!!!!"

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