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Sing Now, Online Vocal Course.

Three simple steps that will unlock the potential in your voice, and get you singing right away.


SING NOW! 3 Steps to Start Singing!

In this course you will have access to video and audio over 3 easy to follow modules that will allow you to begin learning about your voice, or "Instrument".

Module 1: Your Instrument we look at a different approach at viewing the voice. Learning to appreciate it as an instrument and to not think about "Singing" but using your voice in an effective and healthy way.

Module 2: Warming Up, we immediately dive in to the work and start warming up with simple, easy to follow yet highly effective exercises.

Module 3: Your Vocal Workout, we begin looking at some heavier lifting for the voice that will help you begin to develop strength and stamina and start to smooth over the edges in your break.

Additional Audio & Downloads Included:

These "blank scales" can be used to mix and match any of the exercises and can create from 5- 45 minutes of practice audio depending on how you chose to use each time.


$45 includes video training, downloadable MP3s PLUS 

instructional handouts. 

Start Singing NOW! 

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