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A Look at some of Rockit Vocal Studios clients.


At Rockit Vocal Studios, we welcome singers of all levels and ages. Our clients are why we teach, not just who we teach. Whether you are heading to our studio for the first time, or heading to a recording studio to work on your latest album, we can help you achieve your vocal goals.


We take great pride in seeing the successes of our students. Some are training for auditions, some are just singing for the pure joy of it and some are working on their own musical projects. This page is where we can share sucess stories, and the excitement as our students continue to work hard on achieving their goals.



Christian Hudson is a young artist with a ton of enthusiasm to perform!

With only his guitar named “little Martin” and his looping station, his catchy tunes and rhythm will get your feet tapping and you will surely be singing along by the end!

After winning the Calgary Stampede Talent Search 2015, he got a lot of media attention for donating the whole $10,000 grand prize to the Calgary homeless.

He currently had huge success with his single Four Leaf Clover and is currently touring and performing all over Canada.

Sheena Bailie was raised in a small city in Western Canada. Her passion for singing all started at the age of 13 when she co-wrote a song with a friend. From there on, she knew creating and writing music was very much a huge part her life.


At 13 Sheena began modeling and acting, and singing soon followed. “Being on stage gave me excitement and it was then that I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Performing and singing for me is where I felt most comfortable and most passionate.” At the age of 16 Sheena wrote and recorded her first song “Say.” From there she performed at many local events including a local Star Search where she placed in the top 10 earning a spot in the opening act for Reba McEntire.


Sheena went on to work with Capitol Records and producers Roy and Raphael Hamilton, as a result of this collaboration, the track “You Know You Want It” was created.  Sheena has recently finished her debut album “This Is Me.”  “I’ve never been happier or felt like it was a better time than now to show the world my music. I am very excited to release my first ever album and continue down the path within my singing career”.


Check out one of Sheena's recent interviews here. Follow Sheena on Twitter, Instagram Youtube and Facebook.

Kayle Luft is the front man of the band Swift Olliver. Swift Olliver has opened for the 'Sheepdogs', 'Chilliwack', 'Dean Brody', 'The Dudes', 'Colin James' to name a few.

The band has been featured on alternative, rock, and country radio, as well as TV. Swift Olliver have a local focus with music and have performed on air, in  bars, on stages big and small, always featuring original music!

The band’s mission is to do as much good as possible through music, whether it’s for their fans and supporters, local charities, or other emerging artists.


Recently Swift Olliver's Concert for the Cure' sold out and raised over $68,000 for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and they Actively support a variety of local charities and community focused projects in Calgary, including Relay for Life, The Alberta Cancer Foundation, and the Matt Cook Foundation for Rare Cancers.


You can follow Swift Olliver on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

James Colt first began exploring his musical career in 2010, in his basement with an Xbox microphone. A familiar story, James states: “I knew this was what I really wanted to do.”

His influences include Kanye West and Kid Cudi, who inspired him to start writing his own material. A fundamental stepping stone in his career was meeting Transit (a.k.a. Daniel Bennett), who has been mentoring James for a while now. He gained early traction with a remix of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s Can’t Hold Us, before ultimately recording almost two-dozen original tracks, which were then whittled down for release as his debut mixtape Genesis.

Stankowski has been working hard on his craft, filling his time with rehearsing, writing, recording and performing as much as possible.

You can follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud & Youtube.


Kyrsten Leigh is a singer/songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


She always had a passion for singing, but when the itch to write her own material arose, everything changed. Kyrsten continued to hone her craft as a country artist and her songwriting shifted into full gear when songs started pouring out onto napkins, paper scraps, and, on a good day, the pages of her songbooks (her iPhone voice memo app is her new best friend). She would play guitar with raw fingers, and write until every pen ran out of ink.

Following months of pushing herself to her limits, Kyrsten decided it was time to seek out a vocal coach. She found a great one in Emma Harding at Rockit Vocal Studios where she also met music industry mentor, Jolayne Motiuk.

“My songs were rising to a whole new level and my voice wasn’t quite meeting the expectations that they were bringing. It was like standing at a locked door that I was unable to open. Working with Emma gave me the key, and I was thrilled at how far my voice had come in just the first few weeks.”

You can follow Kyrsten on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to hear some of her music.


Andres Parada, AKA Pradaboi is a talented 25 year old originally from Bucaramanga - Santander, Colombia.

At an early age he was involved in singing and performing and continued to pursue his goals by moving to Miami where he got involved in the urban world of hip hop. He recently moved to Canada, where "Pradaboi" was born after discovering and identifying himself with latin-urban rhythms and music. He has been recording and performing in Canada for over 2 years and is currently developing his sound and creating his movement as Pradaboi.


Follow Pradaboi on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

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