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Guitar & Bass Lessons
with Christian Holland

Christian is our new guitar teacher and has been playing guitar and bass for over 20 years.  He has studied digital audio at SAIT and is continuing to learn more about this subject, which he is happy to share with his students too. 

Flexible Scheduling & Results based coaching

Christian performs regularly with several bands and is excited to share his skills with you. 

He is patient and focused on helping you get the results YOU want from your playing, not just focused on following a strict curriculum or guideline.

Whether you are a singer songwriter, looking to improve your playing or performance or a complete beginner looking to explore guitar or bass, Christian can help you reach your goals in a fast and fun way.

Christian coaches all styles and genres with his passion being heavy rock and metal. 


Some of his current clients at the studio include singer songwriters, country artists, and complete beginners! So whatever it is you are looking for in your guitar or bass training, Christian can help! 

Check out @chrisplaysriffs on instagram to learn more or book a session for yourself today! 



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