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Congratulations on taking the big leap into starting your singing journey.

For many this means facing fears and mental blocks that may have been holding you back from allowing yourself to truly enjoy your voice, singing songs you love or simply being able to sing along around a campfire or sing to your children or grandkids.


By becoming a member of this group you will also be joining a wonderful community of beginner singers just like YOU! 


It can be scary to take this step. Stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills is always daunting, because, as beginners we are often filled with judgments of our own voices, and fears of choking up or cracking or looking foolish when singing. 


This is totally normal and every beginner experiences this!  


You are not alone and you are in the right place to start learning how to control your voice and get the sound you have always wanted. 


The great news is the voice is made up of muscles that can be trained, strengthened and controlled. This means that with the right techniques, you’ll be able to manage pops, breaks and cracks by understanding how your voice works and WHY they happen!


You’ll be able to add notes to your range by developing the techniques to SAFELY strengthen your voice and begin to sing with power and confidence without pushing, forcing or shouting to hit notes.


You'll learn how to connect to your natural genuine sound and begin to develop a confident connection with your voice that allows you to sing with ease and without anxiety.




Online Meeting








Rockit Vocal Studios' VIP Program is a combination of live virtual voice training,

live virtual interactive masterclasses and pre-recorded practice materials

with downloadable workbooks specifically designed for beginner singers.

You'll be supported every step of the way with clear guidance and training on how to do the exercises and how to practice efficiently and safely on your own. 


Every week you’ll be invited to join the live virtual training sessions where we dig into new techniques and start training your voice right away. I'll be there to answer your questions in real time, and make sure you are doing things correctly and effectively.

Each month you’ll have access to special live and interactive group masterclasses, which will be a deep dive to a singing related topic as well as your chance to share successes, ask questions and network more with your group.

Throughout the program you’ll also receive pre-recorded voice training classes that you can stream or download every week and follow along with at your own pace (16 lessons in total).


You’ll also get access to the virtual VIP Mastermind group on Facebook where you’ll be able to share progress, ask questions, and network with other members of the Rockit community.  This is where the magic can truly happen as you begin to build connections with likeminded people who want to develop similar skills and find a community to sing and share the experience with!

As well as the interactive learning, you’ll get workbooks and guides to plan and track your progress on your vocal journey giving you the support to confidently work on your voice independently after the program has ended.


As a VIP member you’ll also receive:

·  Interactive training workbook.

·  Personalized Practice schedule.

·  Goal setting and accountability guide.

The Training

Your 30 minute live virtual voice training sessions cover exercises that will:

  • Develop your ear training and pitch

  • Increase flexibility in your voice

  • Improve power

  • Increase your range

  • Add different tones to your singing sound

  • Explore different techniques and stylistic approaches for different genres of music

  • Allow you to use your voice in a healthy consistent way 


You’ll be able to develop your confidence in your sound by singing along in real time to the exercises, however you will remain muted so unless you want to share and get feedback in class, there is no need to worry about singing in front of a group. 


Replays will be available if you are unable to attend the live weekly training sessions.

There will always be opportunities to sing in front of the group and get immediate feedback and tips from your coach. 


The live training sessions will also offer time for Q&A if you have any challenges with specific exercises or songs you are working on.


There is also the opportunity to add on to the program and purchase additional private coaching at a special VIP member rate.

Beginner Singer Schedule Weeks  1-8.

(full schedule available upon registration.)

Live Virtual Voice Training

12pm-12:30pm MST Every Wednesday Starting September 6th

Week 1

Voice & Mind Unity.

Connecting with your instrument & understanding how to create the sound you want.



How to use  breath to your advantage and add power without pressure.

Week 3

Placement & Pitch.

How to sing in tune with confidence.

Week 4


Build your vocal strength with high and low end conditioning.

Week 5

Finding your style.

A look at different techniques for different genres.

Week 6

Putting it all together.

Adding volume, power and emotion to sing with confidence.

Week 7

Small sounds - big results.

Effective practice without annoying your neighbors!

Week 8

The DIY Method - How to continue your growth independently.

I started with Emma approximately 5 years ago wanting to fulfill a lifelong dream of taking singing lessons. I have sung in choirs but that was it. From the moment I stepped into the studio and was greeted with the warmest smile and hello, I knew I was in the right place. Emma's ability to put me at ease, allowed me to find a part of myself I didn't know existed. Her patience and encouragement, teaching style and techniques are incredible. I still can't believe the progress I have made.

Cynthia U


1 hour Live Virtual Monthly Group Masterclass Sessions

6pm-7pm MST 1st Tuesday of every month.

masterclass 1

Tues Sept 5th

Starting Your Journey

Welcome & Introductions. 

Establish current levels & Goal Setting. 

Discuss benchmarks & comparisons - one person's goal may be your starting point.

Orientation & 0verview of all tools, workbooks, replays, access to the mastermind group & additional content.

Look at your singer mindset and how to overcome your blocks. Eliminate the lies that you may have believed about your voice until now. 

Masterclass 2

Tues Oct 3rd

Voice Health & Your Natural Sound

Learn how to keep your voice in top form no matter the season or stressors.

Build strength and stamina in a safe, sustainable way.

Discover why it’s important to observe the changes you are experiencing in your instrument.

Understand how progress happens, fast track your timeline to success based on your practice schedule and see how to accelerate your results without adding time to your practice.

masterclass 3

Tues Nov 7th

Overcoming fear, stagefright and imposter syndrome.

Q & A with Guest Speakers - Join two RVS Students who have followed the path from fearful Beginner to confident Singer.

masterclass 4

Tues Dec 5th

From Student to Singer.

Mindset work on how to keep the momentum and continue to develop your skills and confidence. 

Learn the tools to continue to grow as a vocalist and confidently own the title of ‘Singer’. 

Learn why community, networking and venturing out as a singer is so important to stay motivated and encouraged.

Your voice deserves to be heard.

Everyone should be able to enjoy singing with confidence.

Don't miss another song around a campfire,
or skip out on karaoke night, or let your grandkids grow another year older without you singing to them!


nicole singing .png



(All prices are in Canadian dollars.)





16 x Live weekly virtual group trainings 

4 x monthly group masterclasses 

8 x Audio voice training downloads 

3 x downloadable workbooks & Artist Map

Access to the VIP Mastermind Facebook Group.

$1196 (Equivalent of $299 per month)

Or Payment Plan $329/ Month for 4 months





Or Payment Plan $489/Month for 4 months


The next program launches JANUARY 2024

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